“It is necessary for theology to be made accessible to all the children of God giving it to them kindled up with love so that they may live in intimacy with the Divine Family”

Periodic publications

2907, 2022


Silence…! Silence…! Silence…! for the Lady feels that Her whole soul smoothly and peacefully flames in the savoury, mysterious and infinitely immutable heat of the divine kiss of the Immutability by essence in a Trinitarian act... And almost without perceiving it… without being aware… without noticing anything…the Lady finds Herself, in a delightful… smooth and silent… twinkling of an eye…before that God whom She contemplated and possessed during Her whole life; but now, having been attained, the degree of divinisation determined by God Himself, She is snatched and introduced into the nuptial chamber, to have in the Homeland the same that She had in the exile, but in a total, joyful and absolute possession of Eternity.

1507, 2022


Tomorrow, no later! with God forever... What sweet encounter...! And “there,” looking upon Him in His Sight, singing Him in His Mouth and loving Him in His Fire... Time is over and the end has come, Eternity has begun...! Face to face with God, adoring the Being in His being and in His persons, for His being who He is and for His way of so being; in an act of pure love that rejoices in God’s essential joy, forever...! And this will be tomorrow!

2206, 2022


« The Word Incarnate, during His mortal life, was the suffering Christ who lived of Eternity; and now He is the glorious and eternal Christ who contains also in His soul the tragedy of all the ages. And, for this reason, He is the Great Christ, in the fullness of His Priesthood, who encloses within Himself Heaven and earth, Eternity and time, Divinity and humanity; He being Himself in Himself the Glorified One and the Glorifier, the Adored One and the Adoration, the Atonement and the One Atoned for. »

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