There was no intention to frame it in any of the canonical forms of the Institutes of Consecrated Life, but, above all, there was the willingness to recognize its uniqueness, which indeed happened through the supreme and definitive approval that befits the authority of the Pope and is expressed thereof by its Pontifical Right status .

   The simple and portentous singularity of The Work of the Church arises from the figure of its foundress, Mother Trinidad. The Work of the Church is simply the continuation of her mission in the Church.

   The purpose of The Work of the Church is expressly stated in the above-mentioned Decree of Pontifical Approval: “Its purpose is to live so deeply the mystery of the Church so as to unravel the richness of this Holy Mother, and, being a living witness by its life and word, it may present the Church in all its beauty before the sight of all men, so that these, when looking at Her, may see the face of God in Her and be replenished with the abundance of Her life.”

Mother Trinidad, Who is she?

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia was the foundress and president of The Work of the Church.

She lived her consecration to God ever since her youth. In long periods of silent prayer, God ushered her into His intimate life, making her live with profound wisdom and love all the mysteries of our faith. This is how He made of her His witness, with the special mission to sing the beauty and wonders of the Church, helping Her to be presented as She really is in the sight of all men.

For more than 28 year Mother Trinidad lived in Rome, close to the See of Peter, carrying out her mission to help the Pope and Bishops with all God had given to her soul for the Church; and with the self-offering of her life and of her sufferings for the Church. She passed away in Rome on July 28th 2021.

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"Go and tell it,
this is for everyone!"

The Work of the Church, What is it?

The Work of the Church is an Institution of Pontifical Right founded by Mother Trinidad of the Holy Mother Church.

It is made up of three Branches of consecrated life: priests, laymen and laywomen who compose the main body of The Work; present as well are other groups that embrace all possible states and vocations within the Church: married and non-married persons, members privately consecrated to God, youth and children. Different walks of life, yet all of them share one and the same mission: to deeply live their condition of being members of the Church by a humble life, always at the side of the Pope and Bishops through both life and words to help them carry out the work Christ has entrusted to them.

By means of its apostolate centres and thanks to the work in the parishes entrusted to The Work of the Church, its members seek to reach out to everyone offering them the living and delectable knowledge of God and His mysteries with the continuous effort to make their life and words reflect the light which the Lord placed in the soul of Mother Trinidad to help the Church.

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Living Theology For Everyone

“It is necessary for theology to be made accessible to all the children of God giving it to them kindled up with love so that they may live in intimacy with the Divine Family”


Springing directly from prayer, they are the fruit and the consequence of the direct workings of the Lord in the soul of Mother Trinidad of the Holy Mother Church. They embrace a broad variety of different genres: either in prose or in verse, poems, letters or single simple thoughts... a truly spiritual treasure that offers a savorous and life-giving experience to all of God's children.


Audio and video recordings of some of the talks and encounters where, with the power of her witness, by Mother Trinidad expounds the riches of our faith, doing so in simple language, yet filled with both theological depth and supernatural light.

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It is the Church that, through baptism, fills the capacity that God instilled in you to be His son. Baptism is the door introducing you into the bosom of your Father God and making of you a partaker of the Divine Family, through the anointing of the divinity, which, on falling upon you, makes you share a mystical priesthood, received from the High and Eternal Priest; a priesthood that through your divine filiation, you have to live to the utmost perfection.

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Mystery of Christmas…! Secret of infinite ten­derness…!: In the silence of night and of in­comprehension, under the vibrant notes of the Holy Spirit, and in the tearing of the mother­hood of Mary, in a manger the Love was re­vealed to us…!!

Silence, dear soul…! Respect and veneration! Adore…! With the Angels of God, respond with love…! Because God, become Child, any mi­nute now is going to burst into tears for the first time on earth torn apart by solitude and incomprehension…

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