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Mother Trinidad,
Who is she?

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia was the foundress and president of The Work of the Church.

She lived her consecration to God ever since her youth. In long periods of silent prayer, God ushered her into His intimate life, making her live with profound wisdom and love all the mysteries of our faith. This is how He made of her His witness, with the special mission to sing the beauty and wonders of the Church, helping Her to be presented as She really is in the sight of all men.

For more than 28  year  Mother Trinidad  lived in Rome,  close to the See of Peter,  carrying out her mission to help the Pope and Bishops with all  God had given to her soul for the Church; and with the self-offering of her life and of her sufferings for the Church. She passed away in Rome on July 28th 2021.

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“Go and tell it,
this is for everyone!”

The Work
of the Church,
What is it?

The Work of the Church is an Institution of Pontifical Right founded by Mother Trinidad of the Holy Mother Church.

It is made up of three Branches of consecrated life: priests, laymen and laywomen who compose the main body of The Work; present as well are other groups that embrace all possible states and vocations within the Church: married and non-married persons, members privately consecrated to God, youth and children. Different walks of life, yet all of them share one and the same mission: to deeply live their condition of being members of the Church by a humble life, always at the side of the Pope and Bishops through both life and words to help them carry out the work Christ has entrusted to them.

By means of its apostolate centres and thanks to the work in the parishes entrusted to The Work of the Church, its members seek to reach out to everyone offering them the living and delectable knowledge of God and His mysteries with the continuous effort to make their life and words reflect the light which the Lord placed in the soul of Mother Trinidad to help the Church.
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Living Theology For Everyone

“It is necessary for theology to be made accessible to all the children of God giving it to them kindled up with love so that they may live in intimacy with the Divine Family”

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1111, 2022


We all race at the same speed, although not all will come to the same end, even though the end that God willed for all of us is the same; but only those can attain to it who, living on the supernatural through the life of grace and under the impetus of the Holy Spirit, have wings, and wings of golden eagles, that make them capable of crossing over the unfathomable Abyss that exists between life and death, between earth and Heaven.

510, 2022

Ruanda -September 2022-

“Yes, indeed…! This is the country of the thousand smiles!”, the Kigali airport ticket agent answered pleasantly, paraphrasing the well-known touristic slogan: “Rwanda. The country of the thousand hills”. We had been telling him how happy we felt after our apostolic mission in the Diocese of Ruhengeri, in the North of the country, with its simply friendly and welcoming people. The Work of the Church was ending a new apostolic mission in Rwanda, from 1st to 19th September 2022. Almost two hundred people had had the opportunity to take part in the various activities, retreats and encounters, in different places of the country.

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