“It is necessary for theology to be made accessible to all the children of God giving it to them kindled up with love so that they may live in intimacy with the Divine Family”

Periodic publications

1207, 2023


In such a way does God make the soul be Him by transformation, that it is also the joy of the blessed. And since each one of them participates like this in God and rejoices like this in Him, it so happens that, being God all in everybody, there is only one cry in heaven: rejoice in God, in the fact that He is himself  so happy in himself, and in the fact that He is so happy when making blissful all the blessed.

1406, 2023


Living member of the Church, if you want to be filled with life and communicate it, if you feel inside your inner being the thirst for souls that drives you to mission lands, if you want to reach everywhere, if you need to find no limits, if you want to live the life of God, of the Word Incarnate, of Mary and of the Church, exercise your priesthood “between the porch and the altar,” fulfilling in you, and through you, in those souls entrusted to you, those demands for life which Love, on creating us, has imprinted on us.

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