The Plan of God in the Church

“The Plan of God in the Church” is the concrete manifestation, in a four-day retreat, of the whole unfathomable mystery of the Church in all its richness, conveyed in a simple way, yet pulsing with life and offering a truly delectable experience, just as it was deposited by the Lord in the soul of Mother Trinidad for her to tell everyone in the Church.

In a silent and prayerful environment, the soul receives a torrential downpour of light and love regarding the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, the reality and the inner living of Christ, the wonders of Mary, the beauty of the Church, and the ways to joyfully and joyously live out and participate in all these realities.

Four days that can completely transform life and open new horizons in those who, with an open heart and a humble spirit, open themselves to God’s action through the talks and videos of Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia, which constitute the main content of this retreat.

Church Experiences

In a shorter time, just a weekend, through the talks given by a team of lay people and priests, together with some videos of Mother Trinidad herself, one is able to discover how great it is to be a living member of the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, and how easy and simple it is to live our faith and to communicate it, taking advantage of the gifts that the Lord so abundantly has left in His Church for us.

Different sessions are prepared either for men and women separately, as well as for married couples.

“Youth Orientation”

A two-day programme for teenagers and youths, in separate groups for boys and girls, during which they come to know – through talks and various activities – the mysteries of God, Christ, Mary and the Church; the participants find here precious help to live out all these realities in a way adapted to their age, and they receive the right orientation to discover their own role in the Church and what God, with infinite love, expects from each one of them.

During these days, the participants will have the opportunity to learn how to pray, discovering Jesus truly present in the Eucharist who wants to offer them His unconditional friendship and utterly fill their restless hearts always longing for authenticity and truth.

Talks on the Mystery of the Church

Charlas sobre el misterio de la Iglesia en Hillside. Chicago (USA)

These are encounters lasting around one hour, organized across various consecutive days for all sorts of people, in which through different talks delivered by lay faithful and priests, what God has brought about in His Church is clearly presented. The message is given in the living, delectable and loving manner that God asked of Mother Trinidad when manifesting such realities to all.

They are held periodically in centres and parishes entrusted to The Work of the Church and in other parishes and regions where the members of The Work of the Church are requested to come to carry out this programme.

Days of Retreat on the Mystery of God in the Church

“Church Experiences” –for Nuns– Nadiad, Ahmedabad (India)


In places far away from its centres, and even in non-Spanish speaking countries, The Work of the Church, frequently being called by the Bishops who want this spiritual benefit also for their faithful, priests, religious brothers and sisters or the lay faithful, organizes these retreat days in an adequate manner according to the circumstances of every place and audience.

It consists of a set of talks given by priests, and eventually also by lay faithful, enriched with the videos and talks of Mother Trinidad, to again set afire and bring to life the freshness and depth of faith amongst the participants, making them savour the mystery of God in Himself and in His outward workings through the Church.