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 Eve of Christ the King…!

How would I tell

what was printed into my soul

on this unforgettable day,

of nineteen fifty nine

when I was dying of sorrow

while my Jesus sorrowing

in such deep agony,

that my lacerated soul,

without knowing what was happening,

broke into deep sobs;

and prostrate on my knees,

reverent and adoring,

I contemplated speechless

how God Himself cried,

while I gathered

the sorrowful weeping

that from His face was running down.


Today my soul immersed

in the palpitating

and severely sorrowful depth

of the God of the Eucharist,

has lived quietly

and in such exalted manner

the transcendent mystery

of Christ when He lived;

     and, in a surprising way!

when, adoring, I saw

in the Master’s chest,

full of wisdom,

a sacrosanct mystery!

of such sovereignty!

that, no matter how much I might express it,

I could never proclaim it

as I contemplated it,

plunged in so much agony

when I saw my God prostrate

and who burst into tears.


Eve of Christ the King…!

Without knowing how it would be,

was printed into my soul in mourning,

because I in sorrows lived

by the so sorrowful trials

that in my living I contained,

what today I want to tell,

in love touched.


In a surprising way

I saw a field…! and there was in it

a small mound

of a reduced height,

that, suddenly, was left

printed into me, since it had,

at its side, a Man praying and sorrowful!

who His prayer repeated

with a clamour that left

my soul immersed

in such deep sorrows

as I would never say.            JesusFaldaMonte1

For leaning with His body

on the side of the hill

Jesus burst into tears!

because He could not stand upright;

and because, praying prostrate,

prayerfully prayed to the Father

for the men of this century,

since this century He lived.


His hands were joined

and directed to Heaven,

leaning on the mount

that my sorrow exposed,

with His body collapsed,

while His soul groaned.


I saw His face raised,

full of sovereignty!

His pained gaze

fading in the heights;

and simultaneously

along His divine cheeks

tears slid that soaked Him

while He was saying to the Father::  Jesus en la falda delmonte.jpg

“Neither do they know You!”

Father, as You willed,

“nor do they know Me…!”;

being His soul plunged

in immense bitternesses,

because the world did not know

the reason for His sufferings,

nor the weeping that I saw

shrouded quietly

the God of the Eucharist.

“Neither do they know You!”

“nor Me!”

into my soul was printed.

     I heard only these words…!

But then I well understood

all that into my chest was engraved;

since His mission I knew

through the communications

that He in my interior placed

throughout the years,

and I in silence lived!



     Today I know now why this was

such as I saw it that day,

eve of Christ the King!

when my Jesus I saw

weeping in so many sufferings,

that His sobbing I felt

in the depth of my chest

with terrible agonies,

and, in a pain so bitter,

that submerged my soul

in the groan that the Christ

wanted to tell me that day,

and thus I would burst into songs

within the Church of mine.


     How much, in no time, I understood

on that gloomy day,

even if it were luminous

for all that into me was printed…!!:


     Jesus lived this

during all His life

at every and each moment

with His terrible agony!

full of deep sorrows

and in sad melancholy

in the years that He lived,

and in the passing of the days

which He chose to be

here in our company,

telling us His mission

in the ways that He could

as Man, being God,

when He wanted to give us His life

in transcendent mystery

of divine agony.


      For power He can do everything,

He who is the Sovereignity;

coeternal with the Father,

in loves which culminate

in a Kiss of eternal love

who is such a Divine Person,

who, with the Father and the Son,

lives forever with the Family;

     but, by His humanity,

dwelling inside in the life

which we mortals live,

God adapted every day,

in the way and the manner

which pleased Himself,

to our style of being:

He was a Man who existed

different, although He was equal,

from all those who lived with Him!


     Eve of Christ the King…!

My soul shook

with romances of tendernesses

that, secretly, put

my spirit to burn in live coals,

for it saw my Christ

who complained crying:

 the world knew not

either the Eternal Father or Him…!


     And that is why a deep thorn

pierced His soul

in terrible agonies.

I saw, there, at that mount,

while trembling and surprised,

that from the face of Jesus

many tears fell…!

 And I have seen that God wept…!

and that on His face He had

 such a painful sorrow,

that His being shivered

for the sins of the world!

and that He died of sorrow,

even though it was not the moment

for Him to leave this life.

But He died in the soul!

because the Christ

of the blessed God dying lived

always and in all His days,

due to the so sorrowful sorrow

that in His existing He contained.

     At every and each moment,

a Gethsemane He suffered!


     I have seen that God wept…!

and down His face ran,

tears of the God, who became Man,

which said in themselves,

in a saying without words

that in sobs He repressed,

turned towards His Eternal Father:

the world knew not

the transcendent mystery

that He came to tell us

from the Bosom of that Father,

with whom He always lived

at the height of the Heavens

in divine company

–for being Himself the Majesty,

of exalted Sovereignty

of infinite transcendence–

for centuries that never end

and that never began…!

because there was no beginning

in which, being the Coeternal One,

He existed in His beginning,

without any other beginning than

     He being Himself,

always being Itself such and been,

the Subsistence coeternal

and received from the Father.

 Eve of Christ the King…!

How much God suffered…!

I saw that God on Earth

through Christ said Himself to us

in a crying so sorrowful

that burst into tears

down that divine face.

     Tears that printed themselves

within the deep depth

of my chest that was dying

when it saw that my God was crying;

and that my poor soul, sorrowfully,

knew not how to figure out

the way it would console Him

in the course of time,

as the suffering of Christ

in mourning was unveiled

to me throughout His whole life;

     living at every moment

in His soul plunged

in ineffable pains,

the passing of every

and each man’s life

who in the world would exist;

and whom, out of love

He would redeem, with His Blood:

     all those who drank

out of the spring of life

that fell from the Bosom of the Father

over the earth

through the side of Christ,

affluent of life,

in torrential torrents

that from His chest flowed.

     I have seen that God wept…!

And how I saw Him that day!

when thus I contemplated Him,

without knowing how it would be

that which I was seeing;

because, without seeing it, I saw

the Christ of the blessed God

who, in my way, told me

the love of the eternal God

who was dying for the sake of men.


     But something surprised me

that I could not express it

no matter how hard I tried

throughout my days:

seeing that it was the twentieth century

for which Christ suffered…!


     He lived all times

at the time that He lived:

But to me He presented Himself

with His pained soul

at a sublime moment

in which He suffered in His life

for the men of this century,

in the way that He had

to live each instant

that men would live

in the passing of time

which in Himself He contained.

And I, without being able to say

what, without seeing it, I saw…!


     It is difficult to express,

that which I grasped,

when I contemplated, adoringly,

how my Jesus suffered,

prostrate at that mount

and throughout His life,

all my sorrows and joys,

keeping me united to Him,

living with me now

the time that I was living.


     I knew that it was the twentieth century!

what plunged the Christ

in that deep suffering

of terrible agonies,

that even made Him burst,

due to all that He saw,

into such a sorrowful weeping

for there was no room for more sorrow,

although in the Word of Life

there is always room for more.


“Neither they know You, nor Me,”

Father…, God said.

And I without knowing the way

how I would console Him…!

 Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

        Poem: “Jesus at the side of the mount”. Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 11

pdf1  Note.- If you want to download the unabridged version of the booklet, please click here