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from the 23th of December, 1982. Title:


In my soul sealed by a deep secret,
I perceive the mystery:
the divine and human mystery,
the mystery of God among straws,
that tells us in romances of love, without words,
being He the infinite Word,
his eternal loves…!

In a poor stable, with Mary and Joseph,
is born the Son of God that the Virgin took
an Advent in her womb,
burned in the infinite fire of the Holy Spirit
and kissed by Him with his Kiss.
I perceive the mystery,
without being able to say it in my small
and earthly way…!


I perceive the mystery
that the Father pronounces, in his divine bosom,
the infinite Word
who expresses to Him in romances of love,
like eternal concerts,
his being Himself He-Who-Is by his being,
without beginning and without end, coeternal…

I perceive the mystery
of the infinite saying of God the Father to men
in a humble manger and in the sacred night
of a deep and secret silence…

God bursts forth, in his bosom, in singing Word,
for Himself, in his infinite Son,
through his mouth of fire, in his Word.
And the One Who Is “He-Who-Is,”
possessed and without time,
comes to us in a humble stable
to tell us, with words of this world
and in the simple way of a Child,
the sure and perfect way
to go towards Him without stumbling.

I conjecture the Mystery…
And I perceive the reason for the way he is,
because I have seen, on a day of heaven,
that union that was taking place
between the infinite God and man,
through the Father’s coeternal saying,
in Mary’s virginal womb,
that was opened to the voice of the Immense One
in the infinite Kiss of the Holy Spirit,
who, when kissing Her, covered with his shade
the divine mystery of the Incarnation,
in the sublime and simple way
in which He-Who-Is by his being,
in his immense power could make it.

And I know how it is, or, better, I saw it!,
that day of fire,
in the infinite sparkling light that the wisdom of God gave me,
in such a good touch,
that I was left without knowing, and knowing,
the mystery of his union with man
in the blessed womb of the Virgin Mary,
who broke out in Mother, being Virgin,
by the infinite kiss of the Holy Spirit in his flight.

I now know how is the Promise
of the New Covenant
that took place in the mystery
of God being Himself He-Who-Is by reason of his being
without beginning and without time,
and delivering Himself to man, being infinite love
who, incarnate, kissed us in a Child
with his Kiss of fire,
so simple and sacred,
so humble, so divine and so good.

And now He is born in Bethlehem, among straws,
Emmanuel, in a humble manger,
with Joseph and Mary adoring in silence,
because they know the mystery of God made Man,
in the way that He Himself has wanted to put them
in the eternal wisdom of the tiny Jesus,
who, crying, tells us his love on earth
with the ways of this world, in the dark night of winter,
being the infinite Sun in eternal clemency
and in his candescent glows of fire.

I cannot say how it is what I saw
in the union that took place
when the Word is already Man,
when Man is already Word,
and He remained in the silence
of the sacred inner being of the Virgin Mary,
and He hid for some time in her motherly womb,
that the Holy Spirit covered in pleasant
whisper of loves
with his Kiss of fire.

And now is born in a poor stable the tiny Jesus,
promised to men, the Messiah of God,
who, approachable, and so tender!
reveals to us his love. Oh terrible mystery!

And He already cries in Bethlehem…!
And I know why, of this night, the mystery was,
although I will never say with created words
what I understood on that day
with the light of heavens.

I adore you, tiny Jesus,
my infinite God become Man and concealed
among veils!,
with respect and love, with affection and tenderness,
and I kiss You in a kiss of total self-giving,
in the way I am so small,
so poor and of so much secrecy!

But, I know how the wonder of God
become Man is
and being born in a poor stable,
night shrouding the Mystery…!!

Oh Happy Christmas!
in which God gives Himself to us,
become a Child in a poor stable,
among straws, out of love and in silence,
as a fulfilled Promise of God
and announced to his People.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

An extract from Booklet No. 2- Collection: “Light in the night. The mystery of Faith given with loving wisdom.”

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