Offprint of the published book: “Light in the night. The mistery of faith”

From the book “Fruits of prayer”

761. Who will be able to break the Promise of the New Covenant of God with man –promised to Abraham and his descendants forever and announced by the holy Prophets– destroying the Church? The one who can separate God and man, in Christ; the one who would be able to break the Father’s Christ, God-Man. And as this is not possible, there He is, the glorious and immortal Christ, with the arms extended to embrace mankind. (22-1-76)

759. In a way similar to that in which the human and the divine nature are united in the person of the Word, likewise, between the mystical Body and its Head a most intimate and divine union takes place, which is the holy Mother Church, the Total Christ of all times. (22-11-68)

768. Christ’s mystery with all its reality, concluded in its infinite perfection, according to the plans of God made Promise of eternal Covenant, is perpetuated in the bosom of the Church, and is shown and communicated to men in the same Church, new Zion, in the time or circumstance that everyone needs to live it and to possess it. (15-9-74)

754. A royal cloak of blood shrouds my Mother Church; a royal cloak that her Bridegroom, Christ Jesus, presented to her on the day of her eternal wedding, since, gone mad from love for her, He gave her as a gift his divine blood, with which she could forgive and divinize all her children. (14-11-59)

743. You are all beautiful, Daughter of Jerusalem; you are bedecked with the infinite Holiness of God that shrouds, penetrates and saturates you, having in you, through Christ, “all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” of God. (21-3-59)

750. My Church, the Father gives you his Word so that He may open to you his loving bosom, the Word tells you, in a romance of love of unprecedented tenderness and infinite mercy, the whole secret of the eternal life, and the Holy Spirit burns you with his fire, depositing in you his treasures and charisms, so that, through your means, the souls may live their divine filiation and get into the Father’s Bosom. My Church, how beautiful you are!, how much I love you! (21-3-59)

744. God of my heart, you drove me crazy with love for the beauty of your face, that is shown to me through my holy Church full and saturated with Divinity! (5-11-76)

741. You are so beautiful, my Church, that I will never be able to say nor to sing the happiness, the greatness and the perfection that is contained in your bosom. (15-9-63)


“ I am the Echo of the Church
and the Church is my song,
the new Jerusalem
that the Lord promised us
in the fullness of time;
according to the restoration
of the promised Messiah
who, opening the Bosom of God,
put us forever
in the Creator’s plan,
so that we might possess Him
in light of clear vision;
looking at Him with his ‘Eyes’
and singing to Him in his Voice
in the infinite Love
of the One who regenerated us
to make us his children,
fruit of the redemption
of his only begotten Son
for the restoration
of those eternal plans
of the One who created us solely
to possess Him;
being in participation

heirs to his glory,
his People in perpetuation,
children of the Mother Church,
of the celestial Zion.

I am the Echo of the Church,
and the Church is my song. ”

16 July 2000

773. How great is the Church, a fulfilled Promise of the New Covenant, a live and living perpetuation of Christ with us, containment of his mystery, and a donation of all of Him to men, in each and everyone of the moments of their existence! (25-10-74)

770. The mystery of the Mother Church is so rich, live and life-giving, that unites me directly with Christ by means of the Liturgy, doing without time and cutting down the distance, with the surrender, in the days of my journey, of all that He is, lives and does; being also capable of taking and moving me to Christ’s time, in order to make me live and drink directly in the spring of his open side. (15-10-74)

774. By my grafting onto Christ I live engrafted onto the Father and the Holy Spirit onto the men of all times, onto the blessed and onto the Church suffering. A mystery that took place on the day of the Incarnation in Mary’s womb, was consummated in the crucifixion, death and resurrection, being perpetuated by means of the Liturgy, where the whole mystery of the Universal Christ is given to us through the Virgin’s motherhood. (13-7-66)

756. As the Holy Spirit is the One who, surrounding the Church with his fire and lighting her with his cooling flames, made her burst into divine love and singing expression of the Infinite One, so my Church of mine is the one that, during all ages, burning in that same flame, gives us all the love of the Coeternal One that she has in her bosom received from Jesus and from my Immaculate Mother, with the Father’s heart, the Word’s song and the Holy Spirit’s love. (29-9-63)

757. Oh how beautiful is Mary…! But if the Church is even richer…!, because in her Head is the Only Begotten of God, the very Word of Life incarnate, who has with Him the Father and the Holy Spirit, with Mary as Mother of all men. (20-3-59)

Mary is white
as I never thought,
with the splendours
that shroud her soul.

God is kissing Her
in so much tenderness,
that a Kiss of glory
is her sacred inner being.

Finesses of the Immense One
in her formed,
with sweet love words
between the Lover and the Beloved…

Pierces the Virgin
in a quiet breeze
the Kiss of God…

Mystery that overwhelms! ”

23 December 1974

755. The Holy Spirit is the Love that impels the Father and the Son in their donation to the Church, the Love that shrouds, penetrates, saturates and ennobles her; and He is the Love by means of which the Incarnation took place in Mary’s most pure inner being, which is the expression of the speech of God to men in eternal need of communicating Himself to us. (15-9-63)

766. Church of mine, blessed Christ of the Father, eternal Priest, bleeding in time and glorious in eternity…! (22-1-76)

763. Everyday I understand more Jesus dislocated, pained, and continuing in his People, the holy Church; she is the perpetuation of the Father’s Christ during all times; eternal Priest and, for this reason, a torn victim. (20-1-76)

762. Men pull on Christ, some to one side and others to another dislocating Him and tearing his members with terrible pains that have repercussions on the whole Body, Head and members. But they will not break it, because it is the Divinity itself the one that united itself with man in an indissoluble union of infinite love and eternal Covenant! (22-1-76)

764. How I find it hard, Jesus, to see you suffering so much during all your life and, in your mystical Body, during all ages! The Church is Christ with all his descendants before the Father, in the course of the centuries. (22-1-76)

“ I cannot bear any longer, my Jesus,
your groans in my bosom,
without consolation, repressed.

I cannot bear the laments of your breathless soul,
that requests me quietly,
in my delirious breast,
to console your wails.

I cannot bear your transparent look,
that, clouded by the hard incomprehension of your
anointed ones,
penetrates in my pupils sweetly,
demanding, of my gift, surrendered love.

I cannot bear that your inner being burns,
in the torturing urgency of the One who loves,
without the lover’s answer,
and having You contained in pressing nostalgias.

I cannot bear any longer
–My Bridegroom, You know it–
the urgencies of your glory,
repressing, of my breast, your beats,
without my knowing anything other than to love you,
my Master.
You know the causes of everything I contain,
for you hurt me with your being’s mark in my inner being,
in order to make me your witness.

And thus I live among sorrows
and in agonizing groans,
demanding, with clamouring urgencies,
the answer that, to my gifts, You claim of those who are mine.

I cannot bear any longer your laments
in my depth retained,
surrounded everywhere
by the hard incomprehension in which I groan.

I cannot bear along the exile!,
in my hard journey,
any longer the unconsciousness
of those who are yours and mine.

I cannot bear any longer your urgencies;
Well do you know it, my Jesus! ”

5 September 1975

765. When we may need to console the Church, let us console Christ; when we want to listen to her, let us listen to Christ; and when we want to love her, let us love our Christ. Our Jesus is the Head and the Heart of the Church, her life; for that reason, the one who knows Jesus, knows and loves the Church, and, because he loves God, he agonizes for the Church. (20-1-76)

810. I live death in life because the new Jerusalem is in mourning, torn and tearful, because of the confusion that has filtered into her. (28-2-66)

811. I do not want the Church to be dislocated in a chilling torture that makes her pour blood through her living members…! I do not want to see her like this, hearing in the distance the mocking laughter of the proud persecutors of my holy Church, of my Whole Christ! I know her perpetuity, her indissolubility, and I also know that God is zealous for the glory of his Beloved. (20-1-76)

823. The Church today, like Jesus to the Apostles, tells us: “Be awake and pray that you may not enter into temptation.” (17-12-76)

“ Prostrate at your feet,
adoring I beg you,
my sublime Jesus,
that You communicate to me
the hidden secret
that your chest holds…
I know that You are sad,
because I sense it,
and that You are wounded
in the long hours
that shrouds the mystery:
Centuries of tabernacle
that hides the living God
in its enclosure
with the appearances
of coarse food…!
Infinite Word,
songs of the Word,
eternal Melody,
Fruit of the Immense One…,
give me your sorrows!,
those that afflict You
in mourning nights,
those that You conceal
behind veils.

Bleeding Church,
you are torn,
covering your jewels
with a black cloak…
Why are you in mourning,
being yourself the Bride
of the God of the heavens…?!
Why hoarse do
I listen to your voice
and I hear your lament
behind the whines
of your journey grieving…?:
Your children die
due to the confusion
that the Proud one has put
in your bosom!!!
Mystery that terrifies
the glory of Heaven!!

Why does Christ suffer
crying out to the Immense One
in the agonies of a Garden…?
Pouring blood
is his body…!
His pores open up,
in bloody saying,
and He bursts out singing
through his whole being
the infinite Glory
of Heaven…!

Songs of Blood
in open pores…!
Is all bleeding
the eternal Love,
being Redeemer,
crying out in the Garden.
What is the matter with You, Jesus…?
Tell me your mysteries!:

Tearful Church
collapsed in mourning
asking for my help,
love and care…
Pained face
bathed in tears
that implores consolation…
Why is tearful
the Bride
of the God of heavens…?:
Pride that triumphs,
men of this earth…

God remains silent and awaits
his sure triumph.
Why does God keep silent…?
He has become speechless
the Eternal One.
He knows how to wait,
and loving his own,
outdoes in the mystery
of his concealment
the confused minds
in his thoughts.

Tell me your sorrows!,
tell me your pains!,
rest in my depth
since something I understand,
under the love words
that shrouds the silence,
of the sacred grief
of your enclosure…
I know that if You remain silent,
it is because you are GOOD,
and patiently wait
the return of all your children
to your open chest…
Man’s mind
does not understand the mystery
of your long hours
in quiet silences…!
Speak, my Jesus,
tell me your sorrows…
I listen, and I wait… ”

15 November 1973

825. The Daughter of Zion appears cast down, like Christ, in Gethsemane, but not for that reason failed or sunk, no! The Father sustains her with the power of his arm, because her royal Head is his very beloved Son with whom He is well pleased. (22-12-74)

826. Let us rejoice! The new Jerusalem will rise from her prostration, like Christ, and, with the strength of her power and the splendour of her beauty, full of Divinity, will be our glory and the pride of our heart. (22-12-74)

828. If in our time the Church appears torn, like Christ at Gethsemane, on the eternal day we shall see her glorious, full of joy and Divinity, with all her children in the embrace of the Holy Spirit. (22-12-74)

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

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