Advent of Mary…! The Lady feels the Son of her virginal motherhood shake in her womb. It is the Word of Life himself to whom She is giving her flesh and blood, by means of which, that most perfect body of the Father’s Only-Begotten Son, Incarnate, is being formed.

The Virgin, by the power of the Holy Spirit, feels herself Mother and knows herself Virgin…!

Oh Advent of Mary…! The Child, become one by transformation with the Most High, feels Him in her innermost being… perceives Him deep in her bosom… and experience that the moment to give birth to the Incarnate Light is near. […]

Mary’s Advent…! The Lady knows that the birth of Jesus is getting near. And, although her inward life makes Her live in a great intimacy of love and communication with the Incarnate Word, She experiences a great need for giving birth to Him so that “the Light may shine in the darkness.”

Mary was created to be the Mother of God, being exempt from original sin and having in herself the fullness of grace and of all of the Holy Spirit’s gifts that as Mother of God befitted Her due to the anticipated redemption of her Son himself, to whom She gave human life.

Mary, from the beginning of her life until the end, possessed all the gifts and charismas, all the science that all the saints together could have ever possessed. She, by the Holy Spirit’s light, always had an intimate knowledge of her soul’s greatness, knowing herself to be exempt from sin and full of every grace; wherefore, penetrating in truth the great wonders that the Love has worked in Her, She intones that Magnificat in which She manifests to us how her whole “soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord.” […]

Mary…! The human mind is at a loss when it considers your mystery, since there is no grace that can be compared with your motherhood, nor creature that can reach the incomprehensible greatness that the infinite Love worked in You. […]

We know that, when the saints arrive at union with God, Love gradually reveals to them the hidden secrets of the divine mystery. The mystery of the Trinity becomes familiar to them, they penetrate into the Incarnation, all things are gradually revealed to them in their truth, wherefore, sometimes, they see, the hidden depths of souls. Many of them are inspired by the spirit of prophecy, discernment of spirits and other countless graces that the infinite Spirit bestows on their faithful souls. And they all, in the high peaks of perfection, burn in love for God and for men, being the centre of their life to glorify God and give Him to the others.

All these gifts in fullness, and other countless gifts that were not granted to any creature Mary has them all in an almost infinite degree. For that reason it is appropriate to contemplate the Lady as a special creation, created to be Mother of God, co-redemptrix with Christ and Mother of the whole Church, because She, is not only the Mother of the Church’s Head, but also the Mother of the Whole Christ, Head and members.

inmaculada-(2)We don’t know Mary…! For this reason, we imagine Her in her life surprised at each step before the divine realities that took place in Her. I accept all that my holy Mother Church says, because I am more Church than soul; but, since I am tiny and I need to sing the glories of my Mother, today I want to intone this canticle to my Immaculate Virgin because the tiny daughter’s love that I have for Her demands it of me.

Mary’s Advent…! Mother, You are so beautiful, so much Mother, so much co-redemptrix, so much Jesus, that your living was the throbbing of your Son’s soul. Mary, You are the highest dwelling of the Most High. […]

You also longed for each soul with all your strength. What would it be for You, who knew the greatness of each one and the destiny for which they were created, when You saw them in sin! Making you always live this vision as though in a cry of, “Come, Jesus!” from my bosom to my hands, for the salvation of each and every man. […]

Mary’s Advent…! Mother…! You had the Word of Life in your bosom for You, for You to love Him and for Him to love You. You lived happily in that intimacy and communication with the infinite Word in your innermost being. But, participating in the divine will, oblivious of yourself, You burned in terrible longings for that Word, who had “jumped” from the Father’s bosom to your bosom, to “jump” from your bosom to men in order to give Him to us as a Host that, offered by You to the Father, might be our salvation and sanctification. […]

Mary didn’t live her secret only for herself; She didn’t live her happiness enjoying it for herself. She indeed rejoiced, with her Son in her bosom; She had Him, She adored Him, She loved Him, but She needed ardently to show Him to the face of all peoples! Because She knew that She was the way of which God availed himself to give Him to us. […]

Oh Mary’s Advent…! in which, notwithstanding that the Lady has the Incarnate Word of Life in her bosom, being to Her a “sachet of myrrh,” She needed, by an exigency of pure and universal love, to leave those loves in the intimacy of her bosom, and, oblivious of herself, to give Him to us from her bosom for our salvation. Unknown living of Mary…! […]

My son, inwards! But not to stay within yourself, no; you have to live inwards to make yourself in accordance with that mystery that takes place in your soul, so that it may become in you as though a Word’s incarnation, and your advent may be like Mary’s, a burning necessity to give God to souls.

May you have lived at Christmas so deeply this Advent, that you may be able to make God himself “jump” from your soul to men.


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “Advent of Mary”. Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 5

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Our Lady was created and introduced into the divine plan to be the Mother of Jesus and to be close to Him; that is why God granted Her such a great knowledge about Her own Son, that She adhered to Him in such a unique union, that Her will was seized by the Infinite One. (9-1-65)

Silence…! adoration…! Because the Father is spelling out His divine Word in Mary’s womb so efficaciously, that, by the Holy Spirit’s action, the Virgin is Mother. (25-3-61)

Only the Lady, through a miracle from Infinite Love, was able to be Virgin and, ever remaining so, Bride of the Holy Spirit; and, as a fruit of Her virginity, Mother. (24-12-76)

How much did Mary rejoice because of God’s outpouring over Her, which made it possible for Her to be everything without losing anything! Being possessed, kissed and fecundated only by Infinite Love who, in making Her break into divine Motherhood, gives Her the right to call out the Son of God, Son of Her virginal womb. (24-12-76)

Our Lady, You kept everything in the deep mystery of your being and, immersed in the abyss of the Infinite One, You lived in the perennial adoration of the God who, Incarnate, was hidden in Your womb; this is how You lived Your Advent. (30-4-62)

Our Lady, ever since the Incarnation, in being the Mother of Jesus, is also the Mother of all men, being Her mission to give us the divine life by taking it from the Head and distributing it among all the members. For this reason, Mother of the Church. (4-12-64)