Offprint of the book “FRUITS OF PRAYER” Snippets of a diary

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

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1.302.    How empty life is! how much loneliness it involves! How full silence is! how much fullness it contains! (17-7-75)

1.303.    In solitude one finds God, who is infinite fullness, and in the world one loses Him, because worldly things empty out the spirit. (17-7-75)

1.304.    Silence breaks into voices that shout to me with a deep accent: enter within yourself, God is calling you! (27-2-73)

1.305.    I like silence because I like God. (30-5-78)

1.306.    Silence is full of mystery. Noise hinders us from listening to the Eternal Silent One. I want the silence of the Being in the voices of His infinite wisdom! (17-7-75)

1.307.    Noise is: “I want,” “I see,” “I like”… And silence is, “Lord, what do You want?” “as You wish,” “whatever pleases You”. If this is the tendency of our being, we have achieved silence and virginity of soul. (30-5-78)

1.308.    When nothing is yearned for, because everything has been laid in the centre of the divine will, there is silence; and that is the remote preparation for the encounter with God. (30-5-78)

1.309.    It is very difficult to find God because it is very difficult to find silence. (30-5-78)

1.310.    Perfect silence is the harmony of the whole being with all its tendencies set on God in an unconditional and joyful “yes.” (30-5-78)

1.311.    When I forgot myself, I sank and went deeply into Yourself and I knew You in the infinite mystery of Your being Yourself silence. (25-3-61)

1.312.    Silence is like the virginity of the soul, with no tendencies or cravings other than God. This is the silence that leads us to Him. (30-5-78)

1.313.    Silence is full of mystery, and very often “noise” prevents one from listening to the Eternal Silent One. (17-7-75)

1.314.    When the soul succeeds in remaining silent, it perceives a savoury knowledge which is fullness of Being in His eternal mystery. (17-7-75)

1.315.    Silence is, for the troubled soul, a balm that soothes its injuries and heals its wounds. (18-8-73)

1.316.    Silence is the appeasement of the distressed spirit that searches for the hereafter, letting go of creatures. (18-8-73)

1.317.    In peace there is God, because God is Himself that selfsame Peace. (26-11-62)

1.318.    Peace leads me to the silence of the Being; silence leads me to peace; and in God I find my silence, my peace and my love. (22-12-74)

1.319.    God speaks to us in cloistral silences, because His infinite silence is voices in sonorous concerts of eternal perfections. (11-3-75)

1.320.    Jesus and His creature look at each other, love one another… How well they understand each other, saying nothing, because the Word has said it all in the Sapiential penetration of His gaze known in the relish of love! (12-11-74)

1.321.    When all has been said, there is silence; that is why heaven is eternal silence. (1-3-61)

1.322.    Silence impels us towards the Infinite One and detaches us from creatures, opening up in our spirit unquenchable yearnings for the hereafter. (18-8-73)

1.323.    What does Your silence have that, pulls me deep down into Your divine concert of infinite being, making me partake of Your silence in Your silence? (18-12-60)

1.324.    Before the silent rhythmical whispering of the tabernacle I grasp the silence of the Being, because this One is ever-been by the Father in a consubstantial loving Word of coeternal silence. (3-8-71)

1.325.    The Holy Spirit makes one hear the voice of the Word, in an eternal silence; that is why the silence of God is voices of unprecedented concerts. (13-3-75)

1.326.    How deep is silence, how lovingly sonorous its depth, how penetrating its sharpness…! “Silence is Your praise.” (7-5-78)

1.327.    Love likes to dwell alone in the soul. That is why, when there was silence, Love uttered Himself; and when Love utters Himself to the soul, there is silence. (1-2-64)

1.328.    The joys of Love are communicated in the innermost part of the spirit, where only God abides. (2-10-72)

1.329.    In the great experiences of life there is nothing as expressive as silence. And, the greater the experience one lives, the greater is the silence of deep adoration. (10-12-74)

1.330.    God is known in silence, because there He speaks to the heart, and the utterance of God is His workings in the soul.     My God, work Yourself in me that I may know about You. (21-1-65)

1.331.    When you came to know God, you remained in silence. Seek silence, because it is in silence that God is to be found.       (4-1 2-64)

1.332.    If you feel God, silence attracts you and you feel the need to leave external things; when you do not feel Him, leave things in order to find Him. (27-1-64)

1.333.    Silence is the effective means to enter into contact with God, because it separates us from human things and makes us transcend to the eternal ones. (8-8-73)

1.334.    We enter into God’s silence after the simple and loving silence of prayer. Seek silence in prayer and within your soul, that you may find God. (8-8-73)

1.335.    Do you want to find God? Seek Him in the silence of your soul, where in silence God communicates Himself to you that you may live Him. (4-12-64)

1.336.    Do not interrupt! let Silence speak in silence to your heart! (27-2-73)

1.337.    When God acts in the soul, the soul must stay still, as if it were a mirror in which the Lord wanted to look at Himself so as to see Himself reflected on it; for even the slightest movements can hinder the exact reproduction of the image of the Eternal One who looks upon Himself in it. (22-3-67)

1.338.    When God wills to work in a soul so that it might receive Him, its disposition must be that of achieving the greatest possible stillness, in order to allow Him to freely act in it. (22-3-67)

1.339.    Go inside, because outside it is so very “cold” and very noisy that we are prevented from listening to God in His loving passing over our souls in eternal love kissing our souls as an enamoured Spouse. (9-3-77)

1.340.    What silence in heaven…! What silence on earth…! In heaven, silence of life, of eternal relish, of adoration… On earth, silence of death, of bitterness, of loss of God. How good and how bad is silence! Lord, I want Your silence, for it is good! (28-3-69)

1.341.    The silence of God is a melody that invites us to transcend natural things going upwards in order to live of the Mystery. (3-8-78)

1.342.    When the supernatural silence starts to imprint itself upon the spirit, we feel ourselves as if we were being invited to ascend from this earth to the heights of the Being, and that is why this silence confers upon the soul a sublime virginity uplifting it with nostalgic longings for God alone.        (3-8-78)

1.343.    Virginity of soul and supernatural silence are a sweetly delectable and deeply delightful tendency that invites us to ascend, impelled by the hand of the infinite Being, to the luminous heights of His consubstantial and blessed wisdom. (3-8-78)

1.344.    In order to steadily fashion His infinitely delightful will on us, God seizes us through the loving whisper of His sacred silence and makes us transcend from our earthly ways to His own ways, imprinting upon our inmost being a nostalgic longing for Him alone, and leaving us in a state of unconditional surrender, which is transcendent virginity, through which He infuses Himself in loving will. (3-8-78)

1.345.    In order that God may be able to write His loving will on us, we must remain in an unconditional silence of virginity, which, in complete openness to Him, will allow Him to give expression to Himself in the blank “page” of our being. (3-8-78)

1.346.    When God wants to instil His will in the soul, He attracts it towards silence in loving gentleness and gradually makes it experience detachment and such desire for Him alone, so delectable, that the soul becomes virgin, so that it may remain as a blank page where He Himself writes down, in loving gentleness of sacred wisdom, His will, which is placed, “as a seal, in the heart” of those He loves. (3-8-78)

1.347.    God attracts towards silence; silence makes us transcend towards the Eternal One. Nostalgia for Eternity causes us to call out in a cry of virginity claiming for God alone, and then Infinite Love, in voices of unprecedented melodies, brands with fire His loving will upon the soul, which has been made as a blank page, that the Infinite One seals with His will through a Kiss of eternal love. (3-8-78)

1.348.    When writing something, one never does so on paper where something else has already been written, since this would only result in gibberish, hard to decipher when trying to read the contents; which is why the Lord says to the prophet: “If you separate the precious from the vile, you will be as my own mouth.” (3-8-78)

1.349.    Children, if you yearn for God to steadily manifest His will to you, seek out the virginity of silence, that causes the soul to cry for God alone, and then, in the emptiness of the blank page of your soul, He will gradually write down His will in loving spelling of sacred communication. (3-8-78)

1.350.    When I speak today about silence, I speak about my own silence, that silence which is life within the interior of my spirit, where I perceive its gentleness. (18-8-73)

1.351.    The silence I seek, live and yearn for, is the silent tendency of my whole being, which, letting go of every kind of imagination, creature and contact with everything from here below, places me close to and makes me experience the hereafter.           (18-8-73)

1.352.    My silence is my whole being without any tendency other than God. (30-5-78)

1.353.  My silence is an unconditional “yes” to the divine will. (30-5-78)

1.354.    If I could express what the silences of my spirit are, I would rest, because I would make known God’s passing over in its secrecy. (27-2-73)

1.355.    My silences are fulnesses, possession, happiness, love, nearness to the Eternal One. And conversations with the living God in loving encounter. (27-2-73)

1.356.    A search for He who Is… A flight towards Him… Everything which is from here is noise, distinct and distant from all which is from there. My words, my thoughts, all… all! even I myself am noise for me, a created thing within the circle of time.  (29-1-77)

1.357.    I am seeking the silence of the Being, I need to go deeper into His mystery, to drink from His wellsprings, to listen to His infinite melody, savouring the nectar most sweet of the thrumming of His unprecedented notes. (13-2-77)

1.358.    When I speak of entering into the silence of the Being, I speak of that celestial silence which is only known in the deep depths of God’s silence, after having crossed the door of all earthly silences. (8-8-73)

1.359.    In the divine silence one rejoices in God’s silence, and there it is where one knows how it is that God tastes in the infinite melody of His being. (8-8-73)

1.360.    When the soul goes into silence to be with God, in repose, in love, in the pursuit of Him… then it begins to feel the sweetnesses of silence and the closeness of the One who Is, of His love, of His joy, of His passing by, of His touch; the soul is as if at the threshold of mystery, grasping the melodies of the Eternal. And when the door is finally opened and it enters within, it is then, at last, far from created silences, that the bride enters into the eternal and divine Silence. (8-8-73)

1.361.    My silence is life; it is a foretaste of Eternity; it is the thrumming of a concert, a softness of mystery, a loss of all which is from here below and a tasting of the fullness of that which lies beyond. (18-8-73)

1.362.    When my gaze is immersed in God’s bosom, the abyss of His silence enfolds it, and it loses itself in the sacred mystery of the luminous Begetter, where, in radiant clarity of eternal wisdom, the Father is begetting His Word in the embrace of the consubstantial Kiss of the Holy Spirit. (18-12-60)

1.363.    In the profound depth of the abyssal silence, I listened to that divine concert that, in waterfalls of being, the Father is spelling out through His Word in the harmonious harmony of the divine thrumming of the Holy Spirit. (18-12-60)

1.364.    In silence God passes over the soul, pauses on it or makes it feel how He poses on it the weight of His love, because the Holy Spirit is for us the passing, the pausing and the posing on us of the weight of His loving gift. (7-5-76)

1.365.    Through the profound peace of the Holy Spirit, God, in His silence, is uttered to the soul in the adoration of a simple prayer. (7-5-76)