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from the 31th August, 1976. Titled:


God dwells in the heights, in the sublime sublimity of his sublime Being, in the eternal might of his infinite subsistence, in the immense immensity of the glare of his suns, in the penetrating depth of his substantial wisdom, in the recondite depth of his Sancta Sanctorum, in the abysmal hiding of his coeternal and infinite virginity…

God is himself * “He who Is himself,” in the trinitarian company of his glorious Family. And “there,” in the height of his sublimity, He is at an infinite distance from all that it is not He, dwelling in the splendour of his glory, covered and shrouded by the gleams of his untouchable holiness. “To the king of ages, incorruptible, invisible, the only God, who alone has immortality, who dwells in unapproachable light, and whom no human being has seen or can see. To Him be honour and eternal power. Amen.”

Today my spirit, overtaken by the knowledge of the Being’s sublimity, would like to burst out into canticles of unprecedented melodies, explaining in affectionate spelling out that transcendent Highness of Him who is everything in his being’s infinity, of Him who can do everything, of Him who knows everything, in the consubstantial whole of his trinitarian intercommunication in joy of loving wisdom. Because from August 27th of 1976, in which, during prayer, I felt shrouded and penetrated by the sharp light of He who Is, going myself even deeper in the mystery of his eternal being himself, a great need dawned upon me to proclaim, in some way, what I understood of the Sublime One in the incommensurable height of his immense power.

That day, as at many other times, impelled by God, I started to call Him in rapturous need of his encounter. I burned in torturing thirst for the living God; thirsty for penetrating the mystery, going deep into the sapient depth of his blessed chest. And thus, I started to feel that, little by little, I was being left oblivious to everything earthly, in a sluggishness that was taking me out of here to deepen me “there,” in the sublime sublimity of the infinite Being, in remoteness of all that is not He. My heart was kindled in the flames of the Holy Spirit’s love and, under his impulse, I expressed aloud something of what I understood in the transcendent transcendence of the immense immensity of the height of He who Is… “Lift up your voices to glorify the Lord, though He is still beyond your power to praise; extol Him with renewed strength, and weary not, though you cannot reach the end.”


The harmonious concert that my soul perceived in the Being’s being himself was so excellent, so melodic, so impetuous, as myriads and myriads of zitherists in concerts of perfection… Their vibrations were so candescent and the clacking of their notes so divine, that, lulled by the breeze of that infinite Melody, when I broke out into words, the sound of my voice seemed to me so unrefined, so rude, so disconcerting, so deafening, so unvibrating, so much, so much…! that, when listening to it, I instinctively broke out into tears on account of its contrast with the inexhaustible refinement of the Being’s being himself, which, in infinite harmony, was perceived by my spirit in sacred cadence. And I remained in silence to avoid feeling wounded in my soul, tuned by the proximity of that infinite Softness, in the hoarseness of the sound of my voice…

Each one of my words was like a deafening roar in the lulling breeze of a night sealed by the silence inside the thickness of a forest, replete with lilting sonority.

And, to the extent that my spirit was taken “there,” to the Being’s height, this contrast was becoming to me more and more painful and drilling; wherefore I expressed in a very low voice, so that I may not hear the “roar” of my utterance, all that, in the magnitude of the incommensurable excellence of the infinite Being, I was tasting.

Each word of mine made me cry out of joy and out of pain for the contrast that I lived between the infinite Melody that I perceived of the eternal Conversation and the jingling of my detonating and hoarsened words.

The sound of my voice seemed to me so brutal and disconcerting, that a comparison arose in my mind, through which, I was able to express in some way the refinement which, in the sublime magnitude of the infinite Being, I was perceiving: I felt as detonating as the braying of a donkey in a sublime concert of harmonious melodies. That poor donkey expressed in the way it could, in the disconcerting note of its bray, all that it was contemplating. I felt I was a small donkey and I rejoiced. And this feeling flowed from my heart, not because I had been humiliated, but because of the sublime sublimity of the glorious immensity of the living God, who, penetrating me in his truth, made my surpassed mind understand something of the highness of his reality.

In this way, deepened in the infinite softness of the Sublime Being, I enjoyed… suffered… loved… replied… adored…! constantly bursting out into silent sobs of the heart, as I was going deep, on account of the true truth of everything that I was contemplating, into a detachment of all earthly. And, as though hung between heaven and earth, I felt constant impetus to run, breaking the chains of this prison, to rush to the luminous contemplation of the Lover of my fullnesses, in the light of the clear Day and forever.


I was not seeking either to die or to live. I did not care for anything. I only wanted God in the manner of his will, with the style of his will. He was the centre of all I yearned for, and I understood that, finally, the thirst of my mind was satiated in the need which, for quite some time, was being opened in my spirit to penetrate the Mystery. The infinite Love, while taking me towards Him, saturated me, because I sensed, in the look of his burning wisdom, the truth of the immense sublimity of his incommensurable power; at the same time that, from his height, I penetrated in the tiny smallness of all that was not He. “Behold, the nations count as a drop in the bucket, as dust on the scales; the coastlands weigh no more than powder… Before Him all the nations are as nought, as nothing and void He accounts them. To whom can you liken God?”

Possessed by this truth, I penetrated that Christ’s humanity, despite its inexhaustible greatness, despite being richer, more perfect, more sublime than all creation together, replete with beauty and holiness, saturated with Divinity by the possession of his divine Person over it, being its I infinite and eternal; it was a creature that, from its smallness, adored the Creator’s magnitude…! Also understanding that, between Christ’s humanity and all creation, including my own soul, there only existed a distance from creature to creature, despite the fact that that distance was almost infinite; whereas between Christ’s humanity and the excellence of the Being’s sublimity there was an infinite distance by eternal infinity of distances of being and of perfection…

My spirit adored with Jesus, the most immense creature of creation, in his humanity. Next to this one I was as tiny as a small straw compared to the Sun’s greatness. But between this Sun replete with perfections, and the small straw so different and distant, both contained in the limited circle of creation, there only existed a distance of created perfection; whereas between this Sun and the eternal Sun, refulgent with infinite gleams of holiness in the greatness of its magnitude, which is contemplated by every creature in adoring position of loving surrender, there was an infinite and eternal distance! “When everything is subjected to Him, then the Son himself will also be subjected to the one who subjected everything to Him, so that God may be all in all.”

Next I contemplated Mary, whom I had seen some days before totally possessed by God, more beautiful than the moon, more sparkling that the midday light in the glare of its clarity. And, with Christ’s humanity, I clearly saw Her prostrated in the presence of the infinite magnitude of the Creator, adored by the creatures!

And full of light, of joy and of surprising shudder, I repeated and repeated… again and again: Between Christ’s humanity and my being there is a created distance of perfection; but between Christ’s humanity, that is the greatest creature of all creation, having in himself mysteriously contained all the riches of creation itself, and the coeternal Being, there is an infinite distance in infinity of infinite distances of being, due to the incommensurable highness of the magnitude of the Uncreated One…!

And, oh surprise…! After having understood all this truth, I started to deepen in a new and very sharp manner how it was not possible for any creature to draw near the Being’s excellence due to the sublimity of his greatness. God is the Intangible One, whom no one, by himself, is capable of reaching, if he is not introduced by the powerful hand of the Omnipotent One.

And full of terror, in a new surprise, I understood, as in the year 1959, what it was to oppose God’s will: the monstrous monstrosity of sin, that, due to the transcendent holiness of He who is himself, could not be atoned for by any creature.

How appeared then to my spiritual look the inexpressible magnitude of Christ’s greatness…! So much, that from the smallness of his human condition, through the union of the divine nature and the human nature in the Word’s person, He had been raised up to the Being’s sublimity in a manner so transcendently unimaginable, that, being a creature, He was the Son of God seated at the Father’s right hand in the coeternal embrace of the Holy Spirit.

I saw Christ so great that, in my surprise, I could hardly dare to look at Him; since in the greatness of his reality He was capable, due to the compendium of the mystery of the Incarnation, of giving glory to God in the sublime sublimity of his sublime being, as the incommensurable holiness of He who Is himself deserves. And I repeated filled with love, thanksgiving and annihilation: “But if God only deserves himself…!” And that “himself” that He deserves, was the Christ who, in full priesthood, through the hypostatic union, was as God as man, as creature as Creator, as Adorer as Adored, as Divine as human…

In the presence of all this light that was penetrating the caverns of my spirit, crying in silence, inflamed in the love of the Coeternal One, transcended on account of all that I was contemplating and exceeded by the Infinite, I adored…! speaking softly in order no to profane, with the creaking of my “roar,” that concert of perfections that I was tasting in the sacred silence of the eternal Truth. How well did I understand those phrases of Jesus to Pilate: “I came to testify to the truth…!” For I penetrated, that what I was contemplating, from the tiny smallness of my almost non-being, was the truth of the sublime sublimity of the infinite Being compared to the smallness of the creature; and Christ’s ineffable greatness, being able, as man, to give God the glory that He infinitely deserves.

How much I loved my blessed Christ, in whom I like this, leaning on his chest, rest…! How great did I contemplate the Jesus of the tabernacle, embracer of all times, the Holder who contains all the greatnesses and all the sufferings, Redeemer and Reconciler, being himself Glorifier and Glorified by himself, through the surprising miracle of union that in Him the Sublime One had worked between the creature and the Creator!

In the discovery of all these truths I was practically all morning in profound and unprecedented contrasts: I looked at God in the height of his immensity, at an infinite distance from all that is created; at Christ as man and as God; at Mary close to Him; and at the little straw next to the Sun and the Moon, under the stool of his feet who, with her tearful hoarse voice, expressed, inflamed by the breeze of the Holy Spirit’s love, what in the thought of the eternal Wisdom she was comprehending.

Enlightened by this same truth, I loved the Church, the Great Christ of all times; I understood it in the perpetuation of the mystery of the infinite Love dying out of love as a bloody demonstration in expression of his greatness and also in bloody manifestation  of the malice of our vileness…

It was God’s holy Church, Great Christ, Head and members, the one that went on in ignominious persecution, thrown down on earth in Gethsemane, being flogged, spat upon, crowned with thorns, “a worm, not a man,” “hardly human,” “scorn of mankind, the contempt of the people…” Great Priest that, in the fullness of her priesthood, is between God and men; being a living demonstration in clear truth of the Sun’s light, clouded at Christ’s crucifixion, when the earth quaked, for man’s sacrilege, who dared, in his disconcerting malice, to try to destroy God by killing Him.

How beautiful I understood the Church, my Great Christ, in the immense embracement of her universality…!

So many were the lights in one sole day, so many…! that I felt my soul as though snatched from the body. Which, in a loving impulse, adored God with Christ, loved Christ as Supreme and Eternal Priest, capable by himself of picking up man and lifting him to the sublime sublimity of the infinite Creator, and capable of lowering God down to the creature’s poorness. “God our saviour wills everyone to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth.  For there is one God. There is also one mediator between God and the human race, Christ Jesus, himself human, who gave himself as ransom for all.”

I loved my holy Church, and again I experienced myself kissed, loved and rocked by the immense sea of the infinite Being. Sometimes with the breeze of his caress and others with the roar of his waves, He took me and brought me with impetuous voice of unprecedented conversation, lulled by his infinite will. I felt so happy in the ocean of my eternal Lover, that without fear of his glory’s splendour, I looked at Him, listening to tender, sweet and unprecedented words of love… I was his “tiny straw,” without any other desire than to glorify Him, allowing myself to be swayed by the tasty impulse of his infinite will…

I knew God in his Sun; and, on looking at Him, I contemplated his beauty that kindled my tendernesses for Him. I looked at Him, He looked at me… and, in his chest, I loved Him raised to the height of his immense power.

And today I ask, without knowing how it was: How high did You raise me…? I don’t know…!

I feel in my depth, in words burning with love: “Do not look at yourself; I bring you to me whenever I want, and I leave you again, if I please, on the ground… Do not look at yourself, look at me; only I, in the eternal excellence of my sublime power, am your All.”

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

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