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Fiesta de San Joaquín y Santa Ana, Padres de la Santísima Virgen,




[…] Ante la proximidad del día glorioso de la Asunción de Nuestra Señora, quiero manifestar lo que el día 15 de agosto del año 1960 vivió mi espíritu, llevado por Dios […] a contemplar de una manera profundísima, clarísima, inimaginablemente sorprendente, y vivida en saboreo de disfrute de Eternidad, el momento trascendente, sublime e indescriptible, lleno de esplendor y majestad, de ser levantada de esta tierra, en Asunción gloriosa, dichosísima y esplendorosa, Nuestra Señora, ¡toda Virgen…!, ¡toda Madre…! ¡y toda Reina…!, en cuerpo y alma al Cielo.

[…] Gocé tanto […] aquel 15 de agosto, contemplando el último paso del peregrinar de la Virgen a la Eternidad, que lo tengo lacrado en la profundidad de mi espíritu como un romance de inédita ternura que jamás se podrá nublar en el alma de la última, más pobre y miserable de las hijas de la Santa Madre Iglesia, por el centelleo luminoso de su manifestación, ante la magnificencia de la dormición, en Asunción en cuerpo y alma a la Gloria, de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación.

En una nota explicativa al final del escrito que dicté aquel día, adentrada por Dios en una oración muy profunda, expresaba esto que […] acabo de manifestar:

15-8-1960 (Fragment)

«At dusk of this day, 15th of August of 1960, I had a very strong light about the Assumption of Our Lady in body and soul to Eternity.

I contemplated how all of Her was raised by the immutable kiss of the Holy Spirit.

As at many other times, I felt totally taken over by God, and expressed, as I could, what my soul saw of the Assumption of Our Lady.

Feeling stolen and surpassed by the contemplation of such a marvellous spectacle, I enjoyed a sweetness so profound, a peace so spiritual and a bliss so indescribable, that I will never be able to forget this impression.

And it left me so taken over, that during a long time I had a continuous presence of this great moment:

The Lady has fallen asleep…! She has fallen asleep to earthly life, in order to live in all its plenitude the possession of the Eternal Wisdom in its clear, full and total vision.

The Lady has fallen asleep…! A dream that is a romance of love, let out by the divine Mouth in the eternal kiss of the loving wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

The Lady has fallen asleep…!

They say that ‘it is beautiful the death of the upright,’  because it is no more than a kiss of the Holy Spirit, so silent…! so smooth…! so deep and so profound…! that, in a compliment of immutable love, it takes away the soul, sometimes without this one almost perceiving it.

It thus happened to Mary: there was so much peace…! so much immutability…! so much silence…! so deep and so profound…! that She suddenly found Herself in Glory.

It was a dream of love, in the infinite fluttering of the Holy Spirit, in the embrace of Her divine Spouse: She fell asleep to life in the kiss and the embrace of the Holy Spirit…!

The Lady has fallen asleep at the immutable kiss of the Infinite Love who, when He swayed Her in His divine lulling, almost without perceiving it, carried Her away: He stole His ‘prey’ when This one’s attention wandered…!

‘I adjure you, daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles and hinds of the field, don’t awake nor disturb my beloved, until she pleases…’

‘Come from Lebanon, my bride, come from Lebanon, come! that already winter has gone by, and already the flowered vineyards spread their scent…’ ‘Come, my beloved, that already the rains have gone by’  for the Mother of the Word of the Father, Incarnate, and the Bride of the Holy Spirit…

Silence…! the Lady is sleeping in the infinite kiss of the eternal Immutability, quietly savouring the divine contact of the virginal Bridegroom in His good mouth of uncreated Love…!

Day of the Assumption of Our Lady…!

The whole life of Mary, of the Virgin, was an assumption that, when She reached the peak, greatest possible, replete and total instant of Her transformation into God, according to Her capacity as a unique human creature, predestined and created to be the Mother of the Infinite Word Incarnate by the will of the Father, under the infinite lulling and the sonorous softness of the Holy Spirit, divine Spouse of the Virgin, who made Her break out into divine Motherhood; She stopped at the face to face possession, in light of the Glory, of the Eternal Wisdom in His infinite immutability…

The Lady has stopped in Her ascent towards God…! Ascent that began the day She was conceived without original sin, full of grace and only for God and the realization of His eternal designs pouring Himself over humanity by means of the Incarnation brought about in the all pure innermost of the Virgin; to end up at that instant wherein, being Her capacity replete, She was possessed by God’s immutability…

She had to be saturated, embraced and sustained by the immutable immutability of the three divine Persons that human creature who, announced by God from the earthly Paradise and predestined to be Mother of God, Coredemtrix with Christ at the foot of the cross and Mother of the universal Church at Pentecost, ascended so much…, so much…, so much…! that, immersing Herself into the deep profundity of the divine Wisdom, had to be kissed with an eternal kiss of immutability, at the impossibility –according to Her capacity of pure human creature, unique and unimaginable as Mother of God and of all men– of being able to immerse Herself more.

Mary, in Her glorious Assumption in body and soul to Eternity, soared up above the Angels and Archangels, Cherubim and Seraphim and the whole creation; being introduced by the infinite Love of the eternal Virginity into the deep profundity of that eternal Begetting… Begetting that gives birth, from His same Light, to the Eternal Oriens in the infinite and coeternal love of the Holy Spirit.

If Mary could of have been a little bit more divinized, She would have lived longer. God made Mary with an almost infinite capacity for divinization; and when She was saturated and replete, rushing to Her, manifesting Himself in the attribute of the immutability, as lovable Hero, He stole His prey, and rendered Her immutable in the light of Glory.

The whole life of the Virgin was a passage, wherein the Holy Spirit, Love of the Father and of the Son, laid a kiss of Eternity; a kiss that, in its love savouring, ended up introducing Her into the silent immutability of the Eternal Wisdom.

In the silent silence of the sacrosanct kiss of the divine Mouth, the Lady notices… experiences… that Her assumption in Her flight through this exile, with Her big stretched out wings of imperial eagle, reaches its end… that Her assumption –because of Her capacity full and replete with Divinity– is about to stop at any time now in the light of the Glory of the Immutability.

Mary’s soul, wholly deified, transformed into the Deity, is all of Her a reflection of Heaven. She is the florid Garden, ‘the sealed orchard;’  The One who amongst thousands was chosen, predestined, created and conceived to be the Mother of the Incarnate Wisdom; of that Wisdom who, in His being Himself the Immutable, is Himself the virginal Instant of the silent Eternity.

Now Mary’s soul is readied by God for Her definitive passage to the light of Glory in splendorous vision, in total possession, detached from this exile…

In Heaven all is feast, happiness and content; because, from the bosom of God Himself, is contemplated how the Lady, the Mother, is to be seized in body and soul, at any time now, by that Love who, from all Eternity, created Her to make Her His favourite Spouse…

The Divine Spouse of the Lady is waiting for that instant-instant wherein, from all of Eternity, He would have predestined Mary to have full, totally full! the capacity for divinization that God had determined for Her.

And at the impossibility of more fullness, for Her capacity, almost infinite, was full, the Lady has fallen asleep…!

When Mary’s soul reached that point of almost infinite divinisation, all of Her was swayed back and forth… kissed and feasted… loved… immersed and introduced into that intimate life of the adorable Trinity…

And the Love, kissing Her smoothly… tenderly… quietly… in His immutable kiss, silent and indescribable of Virginity… at that instantinstant in which Mary’s soul is with Her capacity full of divinisation according to God’s plan for Her, yes, at that instant-instant, the immutable caress of the Holy Spirit stole away His ‘prey,’ in an ecstasy of love, full and replete, saturated and squeezed of Divinity, by participation.”

[…] And stunned, trembling and scared, I also wish to quote next […] the little that I could express on the 15th of August of 1960, at the contemplation of such sublime and ineffable mystery;

since I would not find a more expressive, spontaneous, profound and clear way to communicate […] what the Lord made me live and manifest that day about the splendorous mystery of the Virgin’s Assumption:

“Silence…! Silence…!

Silence…! for the Lady is falling asleep…

Silence…! Silence…!

Silence…! for She is savouring Herself so quietly… so tenderly… so divinely… at the divine banquet of the immutable kiss of the Holy Spirit, that Her whole Self, almost unawares, is being raised, motionless, by the very divine and immutable kiss of the Holy Spirit…

Silence…! Silence…! respect…! veneration…! for I am contemplating the splendorous and majestic moment wherein the Lady is being raised to Eternity by the silent passage of God who, in the loving kiss of the Holy Spirit, is drawing Her towards Him by the softness of His divine breeze…!

A great silence has been made…!

All is silence around Mary…!

All, for Her soul of Virgin-Mother, is like the silent lulling of the turtle-dove that comes to snatch its prey in the secret silence of the virginal immutability, of the peaceful holiness, the profound silence of the Holy Spirit…

All is silent…! Peace floods the earth…!

And my soul, from the ground, in this rough dwelling, and in the peace of the silence that envelops Mary, contemplates, adoringly, how the Lady is being raised in glorious Assumption to Eternity…

The respect stuns my whole being, which would desire to run after Her, to accompany Her in Her triumphal Assumption, in a canticle of thanksgiving to God and of perfect praise…

Silence…! silence…!

Silence…! for the immutable immutability of the Being’s being Himself, in His Trinitarian act of divine life, rushes silently and lovingly to the encounter of that soul so divinized, in which, smoothly and tenderly… in the profound profundity of His silent peace… the adorable Trinity lays a kiss of infinite immutability…

A kiss of Eternity that, in the savoury silence of the divine mouth of the Holy Spirit, draws, like a most subtle magnet, the soul of the Virgin, raising Her body with Her by the power of the caressing breeze of the divine impulse, to the total, complete and absolute possession, in full joy, of the resplendent light of His divine countenance.

Oh, what a moment of happiness overflowing with plenitude for the Virgin…!

Silence…! Silence…!

Silence…! for the Lady feels that Her whole soul smoothly and peacefully flames in the savoury, mysterious and infinitely immutable heat of the divine kiss of the Immutability by essence in a Trinitarian act…

And almost without perceiving it… without being aware… without noticing anything…the Lady finds Herself, in a delightful… smooth and silent… twinkling of an eye…before that God whom She contemplated and possessed during Her whole life; but now, having been attained, the degree of divinisation determined by God Himself, She is snatched and introduced into the nuptial chamber, to have in the Homeland the same that She had in the exile, but in a total, joyful and absolute possession of Eternity.

No change has taken place in Mary other than to have fulfilled the limits of the will of divinisation to which God, from all Eternity, had Her predestined as His Mother, in order to pass to the total possession of the divine Immutability in His eternal act of Trinitarian life…

And Mary, who until then was being divinized, at this moment, the eternal kiss of the Holy Spirit, getting Her into His immutability, makes Her partake in such a way of this same immutability, that the Lady is by participation an immutable act of Trinitarian life, in which Her divinisation has stopped with Her capacity replete…

And at this fullness as though infinite of the human creature by its Creator, a mystery of love is worked in the silent, eternal and lulling kiss of the Holy Spirit, who, in love and stolen by the Virgin Mother, by the Lady, snatches Her in body and soul, getting Her fully and totally to participate in the immutable immutability of the one Trinity.

And in the silence of that Sancta Sanctorum of the Eternal Wisdom, a bigger silence has been made –if this were possible in Heaven–; because the Lady, at the silent brush of the divine kiss, enters as the Raised One, enveloped, penetrated, saturated and driven by the divine current of the Holy Spirit, in the chamber of that Divine Spouse who created and predestined Her from all Eternity, to make Her the CreationMother of creation, after the soul of Jesus…

Silence…! Silence…! for I am contemplating Mary being raised in body and soul towards the glorious day of Eternity by the infinite kiss that the three divine Persons lay on Her…

Oh…! a great silence has spread over the whole earth…!

Because, when the Lady soared up, Heaven, in its accidental glory, has become richer, whereas the earth has remained poorer…

Heaven has taken away the Lady, and the earth has lost Her in order to find Her gloriously in the light of the Glory of the Eternal Wisdom…

Mary had fulfilled Her mission of Virgin Mother, of Coredemtrix and Mother of the Church; and now, Raised, rises to Heaven to continue Her universal mediation between God and men.

The Lady had to fall asleep…! It was necessary that the Immutability should possess Her totally, and She, likewise, should possess the Immutability!

Because, one more step! and She would have exceeded the limits of Her almost infinite capacity of divinisation…

And that is why, because this was not possible, THE LADY HAS FALLEN ASLEEP.!».

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

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