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My Church, how rich You are…! You are bedecked with the same wisdom of God my Father. You are a flowery garden, my Church, a sealed garden, scented and fragranced with the precious ointment poured out on You by the Divinity the day of Your wedding.

Whoever wants to know of divinity, whoever wants to be immersed in the secret of Christ’s soul, whoever wants to savour my Immaculate Mother, let them come to the bosom of my Mother Church… Whoever desires and wants to live, let them come, let them come! for in the bosom of the Mother Church –a precious vessel replete with divinity– is contained the whole secret hidden before all ages, to be revealed to Principalities and Powers, according to God’s manifold wisdom.

We, the least in the Church, have been entrusted with this mission, to unveil the mystery of Christ, that, in the bosom of the Trinity, had been hidden ever since the beginning of time; a secret that the Church has in Her bosom, which, as the dispenser of the divine treasures, communicates to Her children.

How marvellous is the mystery of the Trinity…! How infinite the life of my Three…! How eternal the life of my Divine Family…! How rich His perfection…! How exuberant Their attributes…!

All this divine mystery of perfect infinity is the richness of my Mother Church. And so is Christ, with His whole perfection, tragedy, life and mission, which is essentially none other than to communicate to us the divine life with the heart of a Man-God.

Mary, with Her overwhelming virginity, with Her infinite motherhood, with Her mighty majesty, with Her maternal simplicity, is likewise the richness of my holy Church, the same as Christ and the same as the Trinity. What richness is contained inside this precious vessel replete with divinity, such is this Church of mine…!

Within the bosom of this holy Mother a mystery has been performed, as it were, between the Trinity and its speech directed to us, that is Christ and Mary, in the image of the very Trinity.

The Infinite One, in His Divine Family, gives Himself to the humanity of the Incarnate Word, to the immaculate soul of the Word of Life; Christ deposits all this life and all this richness of His Father God into Mary’s soul; She receives from God the life She Herself has through Christ, and, turned towards the Trinity and towards the soul of Her Son Incarnate, returns to Him the whole gift of Hers, which is the very life of God and of Her own Son, that has been granted to Her.Christ returns everything to the Father and gives everything to Mary; Mary returns everything She has received to the Father and to the Son. And God gives everything to Christ and to Mary.

God gives Himself completely to Christ’s soul and keeps everything for Him. The soul of Christ deposits everything in Mary and keeps everything for Him. Mary has Her treasure in the bosom of the Trinity and keeps everything for Her; She returns all Her treasure to the soul of Christ and has everything in Her womb. The Holy Spirit enshrouds all this exchange of gifts, and makes that everything is but a work of love between God and His creature, for His own glory and for His Church as a gift.

This is the treasure of my Church of mine: the self-gift of the Trinity to Christ and Mary; and Christ and Mary who return to the Trinity the selfsame life that the Trinity gives Them impelled by the Holy Spirit.

God acts inwardly in His divine mystery, and when He gazes outwardly, this gazing, in loving expression, is His Incarnate Word; and so that He might have the physiognomy of His motherly fatherhood, God creates Mary.

What richness does my soul penetrate in the bosom of my holy Church…! What a profound mine is the inner being of my Father God in Himself and in His expression towards me, that is Christ and Mary…! What knowledge of loving wisdom I enjoy in my Mother Church, without my being able to express it…! How deep is the mystery that my soul is contemplating today, so deep, so profound…!

My holy Church is divine because Her Head is the Word Incarnate who, in His person, is the whole Divinity.

Just as in the Father’s bosom are the Son and the Holy Spirit, and in the bosom of the Holy Spirit are the Father and the Son, thus in the bosom of the Son, who is the glorious Head of my holy Church, are the Father and the Holy Spirit in all their richness and perfection.

This is the Head of my Church of mine…! This is the life of my holy Mother…! This is the mystery of the Whole Christ…! What mystery so divine and so human, so fitting for God and man…! It is God who speaks to man in the Holy Spirit’s Kiss, with Christ’s soul and a Mother’s heart, through Mary.

I cannot conceive in my universal soul those secluded chapels. Because, when I look at God in His eternal plan, then I see Mary, I see the soul of Christ, and through them I contemplate the beauty of my holy Church. When I sing to Christ, I sing to my God, to my Immaculate Mother and to the Church of mine. When I look at Mary, I see my God, my Mother Church and my Christ. And when I look at the Church, I behold the face of God in His Trinity of persons, that is presented to me in Her beautiful countenance and is given to me in His eternal life; and I contemplate Christ and Mary, who, as a gift of love, through my Church, give me the eternal life of the Infinite One.

Ah Church of mine…! see, I feel delirious because my desire to sing You is so strong but I cannot…; see, I feel delirious for I long so ardently to speak Your mystery, but I don’t know how…

One only divine plan does my soul know, and this is God, who in wanting to express His eternal life to me, giving me that life so I might partake of it and communicate with it, He uttered through His Word what He was; and in His utterance, the echo was unfolded into Christ’s humanity and Mary, and, in one only voice, it was uttered in my Church.

Church of mine, how beautiful You are…! It is through You that my soul, in prayer, through the sacraments and gifts received, can listen to, follow and live all this eternal secret that the Word, through Mary, has deposited in Your bosom. This is why, dear child, a mineworker in the bosom of the Church, go deeply into Her mystery to penetrate into the richness enclosed within this holy Mother.

It is the Church that, through baptism, fills the capacity that God instilled in you to be His son. Baptism is the door introducing you into the bosom of your Father God and making of you a partaker of the Divine Family, through the anointing of the divinity, which, on falling upon you, makes you share a mystical priesthood, received from the High and Eternal Priest; a priesthood that through your divine filiation, you have to live to the utmost perfection.If you knew, dear child, the great mystery that the Divinity communicates to you on the day when, by means of the Church, you turn to be God’s son and heir to His glory…! The eternal Trinity, in its hidden and mysterious virginity, is poured out on you, in such a way that the three divine Persons, dwelling in your interior, are the Eternal Living One inside your tiny soul of a Christian.

On the day of baptism, unconsciously on your part, a great encounter between God and your soul took place: the Holy Spirit, together with the Father and the Son, anoints you with His sacred anointing and your soul is made replete with divinity. It is the great moment of your consecration! The great moment of your existence…! Through it, you turn to be God’s child and you enter into the familial communication with the Eternal Living One, inside you, in His Three Persons; you are anointed with a mystical priesthood, a living priesthood, that makes you be, with Christ, mediator, intercessor and giver of divine life to mankind; since the three divine Persons, in loving self-gift, have poured Themselves on your –perhaps- unconscious soul, through the anointing of the divinity, which, at that very instant, grafting you on Christ, has made you partake of the High and Eternal Priest and has given you a wonderful mystical priesthood. A donation, gift and  present that Infinite Love communicates to your soul through His Bride the Church, who, as Mother, has made you so beautiful on the day of your baptism, you, whoever you may be, that you have turned to be God’s son and heir of the divine Persons.

Son of God…! I don’t know, dear soul, if you have ever glimpsed what the Word, the Only-Begotten Son of the Father, does in the bosom of the Trinity. I don’t know if you know what it is to be God’s son, because in order to know it one has to penetrate into the great mystery of the Divine Family, knowing what the Father does in loving the Son, looking at what the Son does in loving the Father, in such loving fusion, in such coeternal love, so deep and infinite, that one only love do both have; and in their closest union, through the perfection of their very unitive love, the Father and the Son, in their tight embrace, live in communion with the Holy Spirit, personal Love of the perfect and loving union of both. It is so tight and deep the simultaneous, profound, intimate and delightful embrace that my divine Persons give one another in their paternal and filial love, so very, very, very much so…! that the delectable, loving and perfect Fruit of that love is one Person who is as perfect, eternal and infinite as the love that the Father and the Word have for One another.

This is how God loves in His bosom; this is how God loves Himself in His inner being; this is how the Father loves His Son; this is how the Word loves the Father, this is how God loves…! Himself being so perfect in His Love, as He is Father and as He is Son. God is Himself Three in His bosom to be happy, perfect and fruitful as He, in His being and in His persons, needs and deserves.

Go forth, son of God, you who were anointed by the Divinity on the day of your baptism, you who possess the sacred anointing and are a temple and dwelling of the Most High, live the great mystery that is being performed in you, correspond to the Trinity with your love, since you so unconsciously received it on the day of your anointing. Respond today to the gift of baptism that fell upon you when you did not have the freedom to respond.

Are you God’s child? Live as such, communicate with the Divine Family, receive His mystery within you and respond to Him with your love, that love which, in the Holy Spirit, you have for God when you love. Your life, by virtue of your incorporation into Christ’s Mystical Body, is more divine than human.

It is the Church who, with a Mother’s heart, has introduced you to partake of the deep secret, into the deep and very marrow of your Father God. Call God, Father! Live thus what you are. But live what you are saying to Him, be a good child of your Father God, be grateful to the great gift of your divine filiation, take advantage of the treasures enclosed within the bosom of Mother Church.

Never forget, Christian, whoever you may be, that there is no vocation like yours, there is no calling like yours, there is no greater predilection than the one that the Eternal One reserved for you on the day when, through your Church, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman, He made you His son and incorporated you into the mystery of the Whole Christ.

You are a Christian and are Christ; you are God’s son and partaker of the divine life, you are destined to live in communication with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. All that God possesses by nature is what you possess by a gratuitous gift that, through your Church, He has given you to live in the full and blissful participation as His true child.

All the gifts that the Lord pours upon your soul throughout your whole life are secondary; they are a consequence of this one and are all related to it. This is the gift that has made you become a son of the Infinite One, the gift that has incorporated you into the divine plan; since, being twisted by original sin, you could not enter into the region of God’s children.

Mary, your new Mother, the saving Eve, is the means that God chose for Himself to give Himself to your soul, through Christ, with a Mother’s heart.

All are gifts for the son of God! Even the selfsame Church, Christ and Mary are gifts that Infinite Love has given to your soul, so that, through them, you could enter into and partake of the infinite and joyful banquet of your Father God.

You have seen what the Word does in the bosom of the Father: to receive all He is and to return it to Him in complete self-surrender of eternal love. The Father also, dear child, member of my Church of mine, gives you His whole life, hands over to you His Word as a gift, sets you aflame in the Love of the Holy Spirit. The Word gives Himself to you, blissful, in the destruction of His human nature, in a shameful death, in loving crucifixion, to sing to you, covered by His very blood, enrobed by the royal cloak of His divinity, His infinite love. The Holy Spirit sets aflame the divine Persons in love for you.

The Three give Themselves to you for you to give yourself. The Three surrender Themselves to you that you may surrender yourself. Look how They give Themselves to you, and surrender yourself to God, just as God gives Himself to you.

The cross is the seal with which you were marked on becoming a Christian, it is the banner that will lead you to Eternity, and it is the path that the Word chose to go to the Father accompanied by you. Throw yourself into the pursuit of eternal Love, surrender yourself without hesitation.

But look, since you have to live God’s very life, doing with the Father what He does, corresponding with the Word as the Son does and loving with the same fire of the Holy Spirit, don’t forget that the very Love that anointed you wanted that His gift of self to man might be performed through the Incarnation of the Word, in such a way that God, by being man, could return to the Father’s bosom accompanied by a legion of captives.

You are a Christian, you possess your mystical priesthood, you are anointed with divinity, you have begun now to partake of the Divine Family, but a legion of captives is also waiting for you to carry them to the regions of Love. Don’t think that you will go alone to the divine banquet of the Eternal Family. The priest, imitating the High and Eternal Priest, has to go there in the company of that legion of souls who, either through his mystical or official priesthood, the Lord has entrusted to him.

You are a member of Christ’s Mystical Body; don’t live alone, because God created you to live in family. All the faithful form the great community of God’s children, who, all together, will work in the Lord’s Vineyard, to make partake as many souls as possible of that very divine life that they enjoy through the great sacrament of baptism.

Dear son, I don’t know whether you are an official priest or you have only your own mystical priesthood. Whatever your priesthood is, live it up to the responsibility it demands from you.

Because if, besides having been baptized, you have been also chosen, predestined and anointed again with the anointing of the divinity to make of you an official priest inside the Mystical Body of the Church, then what kind of priesthood is yours…? what is your mission…? how should you stand before the Infinite Holiness to receive His sacred anointing, to partake of His divine life, to receive His eternal message in order to communicate it to all those souls who, even if they are priests through baptism, neither live nor know of their own priesthood, because you don’t teach them or make them partake, in reciprocal correspondence to the Lord, of the greatness of their priestly anointing….

How can you be called father, if you don’t give life…? And how will you give life, if you don’t live your own priesthood, that is to stay “between the porch and the altar,” receiving the divine life with the High and Eternal Priest and communicating it to the great Family of Christians?

The Lord has entrusted a great work to our souls! The beauty, the life and the richness, somewhat forgotten, of Mother Church needs to be rekindled, revived and rejuvenated, as our dearest Pope John XXIII said. Her serene countenance needs to be shown to souls, Her beauty must be sung to Her children, Her deep mine needs to be unravelled, in order to dig out from it the uncreated and created treasures enclosed within Her. But don´t forget that you will fulfil this vocation more by living than by doing, more by dying than by your triumph, since for every apostolate fruitfulness resides in the participation of the divine life that must be given to God’s children.

Your vocation is to make Christians live what they are, that they enter into communication with the divine Persons, that they penetrate into the soul of Christ, that they go deeply into Mary’s womb and, becoming one with Her, they may run across the bosom of the Mother Church in order to live of all the gifts enclosed within Her.

Your vocation is to also seek souls who may be Church, that they may live of the happiness that, by means of Her, through baptism, is communicated to us.

Work of the Church,” try by all means that God’s children may live their divine filiation. Show them, as best you can, the great mysteries that are enclosed within their souls, and run wherever souls may call you, to make children of God those who still aren’t so.

Work so that all Christians can live their Christianity in abundance, in the happiest incorporation into the Mystical Body, where all believers communicate to each other the gifts of their Father God for the sanctification, forgiveness, recovery and holiness of all the members of the Christian community.

Seek souls who may enter into this great Family so that, together with all souls of the world, with all created creatures with a capacity to live of God, there might be one only Flock with one only Shepherd, as they join the great community of believers.

Let them come…! let them come to my Church of mine, whoever wants to be filled with divinity! Let them come to my holy Church, whoever needs to live of the Infinite One…! since the bosom of this holy Mother bursts with motherly love into an expression of divinity.

Let them come…! because whoever rejects these treasures that Mother Church offers and are enclosed in Her bosom, expose themselves to forever lose happiness, joy, holiness and the love which the Divine Family, through the Church, willed to bestow on them.

Let us see if there is any other mother who can give such life to her children, since only on the day of baptism, which is their birth to this Christian family, She can give them a kind of life such that they become God’s children and their souls are filled with divinity…!Let us see if there is any other mother like my Mother Church, who just by giving us Her own name, makes us live of the Infinite One…! 

Let us see if there is any other mother who, simply by being our mother, makes us God’s children…!

This is the secret that the holy Church contains in Her bosom: to make gods and sons of the Most High all those upon whom, in Her own right, as Mother, She pours down the sacred anointing of the divinity…!

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

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