Tomorrow, no later! with God forever… What sweet encounter…! And “there,” looking upon Him in His Sight, singing Him in His Mouth and loving Him in His Fire… Time is over and the end has come, Eternity has begun…! Face to face with God, adoring the Being in His being and in His persons, for His being who He is and for His way of so being; in an act of pure love that rejoices in God’s essential joy, forever…! And this will be tomorrow!


An extract from the book:

“FRUTOS DE ORACIÓN. Retazos de un diario”

“FRUITS OF PRAYER. Snippets of a diary”

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2.108.    All mysteries of Christ’s life began with the Incarnation, were consummated with the cross and the resurrection, and will end with His last coming. (3-12-64)

2.109.    The day of the Lord…! That will be His day and my day…! What day when everything is subjected to Him at the splendour of His glory…! (13-1-66)

2.110.    Dear soul, if you persevere, Jesus will take you with Him on the last day, and, then, who will be able to take your joy away from you? (21-4-67)

2.111.    Do not be dismayed if you do not perceive God, because Love will come, and very soon; be tired not! for others got tired and the sun dawned on them, without realizing it, in their dullness… Do not get tired, wait for Him, He is coming! (25-4-67)

2.112.    When Jesus comes, you need to be waiting for Him with your lamp lit; and for this, you have to strive to be always ready, thus He will bring you to His wedding feast, where you will live of God and with God forever. Is it possible? What bliss…! Forever with God! (21-4-67)

2.113.    We know neither the moment nor the time, but the Lord will come and… soon! Then, what will our sorrows mean, when lived in loneliness, in incomprehension, and, even more, in scorn on the part of our persecutors…? (21-5-76)

2.114.    How much suffering during the exile for not finding God…! Dear soul, one day you will come upon His veins forever and, then, what will the present sufferings be, but an increase in God’s glory and in eternal life for you? (14-4-67)

2.115.    Eternity belongs to those who make more of an effort; make every effort, soul of mine, that you may enter into Eternity. (19-4-67)

2.116.    God Himself is the eternal prize of the blessed ones. Do not get tired of waiting, for Love will come for you. (19-4-67)

2.117.    When you shall plunge yourself in the eternal Wellsprings, what will the sufferings that you bear now be, if not perpetual glory? (12-4-67)

2.118.    I love God, and, because I love Him, I have to give myself without measure, whatever it takes. I will wait for You, Love, in the exile, behind the veils, until the definitive day of our encounter in Your light; I will wait until the eternal day of Your will. (16-8-77)

2.119.    My spirit, overcome and captivated by the Infinite One, is consumed with nostalgic longings as it keeps waiting for God. (22-11-72)

2.120.    What nostalgia does my soul perceive! What nostalgia, in my hard journey…! I always keep watch waiting for You with my lamp lit… Do not be late, I keep waiting for You without getting tired! (6-8-70)

2.121.    Love will come for me, I am sure, I am confident about His promise…! The Lord will come for me, He is already approaching…! It is His pace, that of Love who does not wait any longer; His voice invites me to follow Him. (6-8-70)

2.122.   I await untiringly the One I call with clamours of fervent petitions, in deep nostalgic yearnings: Come to me, Lord! (22-11-72)


2.123.    How good is God, who gives us time that we may be able to prove our love to Him, and gives us Eternity for Him to prove His love to us…! He also proved His love to us through suffering in time, so that there would be no way of loving us that might be lacking in Him! (20-4-64)

2.124.    In Eternity, God, glorified, will rest in His love for me, making me happy forever. During exile, it is my soul that has to avail itself of every occasion of suffering, being thus able to give repose to the one I love, proving my love for Him through suffering. (20-4-64)

2.125.    Time is the price of Eternity, the fullness of the possession of the Immense One and the glorious dimension of our soul-Church. (10-8-75)

2.126.    God has given me some time, through which He asks me to reach that degree of love, and none other, which He needs for His glory; if I lose time or misuse it, God’s plan for me will not be fulfilled, and then, what shall I do? (12-9-63)

2.127.    One only life I have with a fixed number of days to sanctify myself; if I waste them, where shall I go for further life? (12-9-63)

2.128.    At the same speed with which time with its cares goes by, Eternity approaches with the fullness of its life. (10-8-75)

2.129.    Have you deeply pondered the truth of Eternity, wherein you will hear, on not a further day, the Voice that will eternally state your dwelling: “You are here forever… time is over… the end has come”? (27-11-61)

2.130.    If death should come upon you now, the penetrating “forever” of Eternity, would it be for you joyous and eternal life in the infinite light, or would you be a prey of the infernal enemy in the despairing darkness of eternal damnation…? Try to live as you would like to die. (27-11-61)

2.131.    Eternity is near, even if the path seems to get longer. On God’s eternal day, what is time? (6-3-67)

2.132.    One day here, during the passing of time, is one day fewer for arriving “there,” to the joy of Eternity; hence one day more is one day fewer. (10-8-75)

2.133.    Each instant, is one more step towards Eternity and bidding farewell to earth in order to come to You. (28-6-61)

2.134.    Everything passes, and the passing away of all things brings us closer to the possession of the All, in the infinite light of the clear day of His encounter. (10-8-75)

2.135.    Just as things in the past little by little become obscured by oblivion, so the near future of the day of Love becomes clearer and clearer by the light of hope. (10-8-75)

2.136.   Lord, put my soul in Your centre, which is my own centre as well, so that my life may be fruit of Eternity for me and for the souls You have entrusted to me. (12-9-63)


2.137.    God created you for Eternity; and earth is the place that leads us, day by day, towards our end. Walk then, as a pilgrim in a strange land, towards the encounter with God. (15-1-67)

2.138.    Earth, creatures, things… Love, Eternity is calling on me and everything else crushes me! (27-9-63)

2.139.    In my journey towards God, every moment I am soaring a little higher in my ascension towards Him, being thus closer to my blessed farewell to earth. (28-6-61)

2.140.    In my swift flight, almost without treading the soil I dwell in, I say to all creatures: get out of my way, I am going forth towards God! and I say to my One Trinity: receive me, Love, I am coming to You! (28-6-61)

2.141.    Today it is one day fewer for the happy, blissful, eternal, definitive and face-to-face encounter with my Divine Family. (28-6-61)

2.142.    My life, my cravings, my nights, my anguishes, my fulnesses, my experiences and my nostalgic longings, are so profound and mysterious, that make me live life in death, exile in glory, and my search for the sighed-for day of the encounter with God in silent fullness. (9-12-72)

2.143.    My living is desiring, longing, seeking and feeling dissatisfied… I want all that I need, and I need God as He is! (14-4-76)

2.144.    I live in Heaven without being a dweller in there, and I dwell on earth without living on here. (1-3-61)

2.145.    How hard exile is! But it is the glorious path that leads us to Eternity, where we will forever rejoice, forever! in the fact that God is infinitely happy in Himself, of Himself, and for Himself, through the tight containment of His perfection lived in charity of familial intercommunication. (20-9-74)

2.146.    O Eternity, beloved Eternity! just by thinking of possessing you, my soul, crushed by the cross, leaps for joy and ardently longs for you; but love prevails, and I hold fast to the harshness of my living, even though the desire for Eternity immolates me due to the incredible demand that burns me to possess it. (11-5-61)

2.147.    My spirit needs to run… to run “there,” to the depth of the Being, to be with Him loving and being loved; and, adoring in priestly posture, to break forth into a loving canticle of thanksgiving because God is happy, infinitely happy, coeternally happy, consubstantially happy, in Himself, of Himself and for Himself, in the infinitely perfect joy of His loving Family. God awaits us “there,” in our place, in the deep depth of His breast. (12-9-75)

2.148.    God awaits us “there,” where one can hear the infinite Word that, in sapiential wisdom, the Father utters in an eternal silence of infinite and reciprocal Love. (12-9-75)

2.149.    I want the Being because I need Him and, only in Him and with Him, will my heart be at rest. I was created for God in His light, in His love, in His possession… So, God of my heart, where are You…? And for how long shall I have to keep on waiting…? Come to save me from the prison of this torturing exile! (10-11-75)

2.150.    I cry out for the abyss of the Being, in order to be immersed in its depths, but separating me from it is the abyss of exile! (17-3-75)

2.151.    Sometimes it seems I wish to break the oppression of this confinement and fly to my Homeland, there, forever with God, wherefrom it is heard, in an ineffable light, the coeternal conversation of He-Who-Is Eternal. (10-11-75)

2.152.    When I sigh for Eternity, it is not that I desire death, but I cry out for Life. Natural death means destruction, and God did not create me to die. That is why death, which is a consequence of sin, repels nature, as does everything which is punishment. (8-10-65)

2.153.    Since death is the means that will bring me to Life, I call it, even if it repels me, because beyond death, the Eternity my soul yearns for is given to me. (8-10-65)

2.154.    I live where I am not staying, and I stay where I am not living. My urgency for Eternity is so strong, that sometimes I have to violently repress it within me in order to continue fighting standing in the breach. (14-8-65)

2.155.   I lost my ways, and I have entered into the thicket of the Being; captivated, after the beauty of His face, I run in haste, seeking the eternal day on which my soul can be satisfied, face to face, with the infinite gaze, there, in the loving Ocean, where the Being, from so much being Himself, is Himself Trinity in one simple being of familial life. (8-7-61)


2.156.    I live in sorrow in my clamorous longing, because I feel impelled towards the eternal day of light, towards the clarities of the immense Sun; and, at the splendours of His contact, I am darkened by the mist of faith and by the veils of exile, in tormenting needs for the day of light. (9-12-72)

2.157.    Sometimes the longing for Eternity so much presses down the soul, that remaining here makes you cry, even if it is only for one more minute, due to the vehemence of Love who calls the soul to Himself and for the will of that very Love that retains it. (22-11-63)

2.158.    How hard is life! How long the exile! How sweet is the Eucharist! How close God is…! How could we live in the prison of our pilgrimage, if God Himself had not become our jailer? (9-7-75)

2.159.    In my mornings of prayer, laden with loves, I fulfil in exile, the way it can be done here, my nostalgic longings to possess the Being. (11-5-76)

2.160.    What joy, being able to live on this earth some moments of Eternity, with desires of pure love and in loving response to Infinite Love, loving Him with the same love of the Holy Spirit! (25-1-75)

2.161.    The tabernacle invites me to Eternity, impels me towards it and speaks to me of its mystery; that is why I find my Eternity on earth at the foot of the tabernacle. (14-9-74)

2.162.    My mornings spent before the tabernacle, are a foretaste, closeness and nearness to Eternity, since my Eternity, in exile, is found within the tabernacle. (14-9-74)

2.163.    How difficult it is to walk through the desert…! But Infinite Love is looking out, breathlessly, at every hardship or crossroad the soul is going through: “Fear not, since wherever you go, I will go with you to shade you with My cloud of fire.” (9-7-75)

2.164.    In the face of all I live in this strange country, Eternity is calling me, and my singing of God without knowing, sustains me. (26-9-63)

2.165.    Lord, I want to live of Eternity in exile, being a manifestation of Your Mystery among men. (11-12-74)

2.166.    My God, You are my only sustenance, by which my soul in distress can go ahead, after being strengthened, with its painful race; a pain that turns into love, on experiencing that the burden of my cross becomes smooth and delectable. (22-7-61)

2.167.    My urgency for God is tormenting, which is why at contact with whatever is not He Himself, everything becomes so heartrending for me; so much so, that sometimes, I feel like I am dying… “But I shall not die; I shall live to sing the deeds of the Lord!” And, the more I suffer, all the better; the more I will be able to offer for the sake of my Church. (21-11-74)

2.168.   Lover of loves, in my exile You became my loving Prisoner and the Jailer of my prison. Thank you, Lord! Had it not been so, who would comfort me in this gloomy dungeon!? (10-11-75)


2.169.    I yearn for that what is eternal, because my heart, created for the Infinite One, claims to be filled with Eternity. (27-2-73)

2.170.    My thirst for God is as tormenting as jealousies, terrible as death, blazing as fire… Therefore, Love, when will You come for me? (27-4-67)

2.171.    I seek God with the clamorous cravings of my heart wounded by the touch of Yahweh, in cauterization of eternal clamours and in petitions to find Him. (9-12-72)

2.172.    All of my inmost being, dried out, is saying to divine Love, expressing the love that burns me: either You give Yourself to me as my soul needs, or I will die! (16-9-61)

2.173.    O Eternity, beloved Eternity! can it be possible that on a day not too far away You will be my eternal possession? (28-4-61)

2.174.    Shall it come the day? It will come. On which I shall see Your face? I will see it. And shall I be with You? I will be. And shall it be forever? It will be. And shall I enter into Your life? I will enter. Without dying of joy? Without dying. (15-11-74)

2.175.    I burn with yearnings for the Being…! I will see Him as He is, tomorrow…! Each day that goes by, is one day fewer for the definitive encounter. (15-2-76)

2.176.    My living is a continuous yearning for the encounter with the fires of Yahweh, with this burning petition: come to me! with the irresistible longing to go towards the encounter with the day of Love. (9-12-72)

2.177.    I have infinite-like longings, irresistible tendencies, tormenting clamours, irrepressible movements that drive me forth towards the encounter with Love. (9-12-72)

2.178.    My spirit cries out for Eternity before the light of Your divine pupils that invite me to come to You. (6-1-67)

2.179.    What hunger for God in His being and in His persons…! What need to enter “there” forever, on that day of light, after having crossed the abyss that separates us from the Mount of the Lord…! (11-12-74)

2.180.    Lord, how much does my thirsting and breathless being need You, with immense urgencies! And how far away the close day of Eternity seems to be, that day of tomorrow so longed for by the bride-soul who seeks only the fulfilment of its being with the beloved Good! (20-11-66)

2.181.    The profound caverns of my heart burn with nostalgic longings. I ceaselessly hunger for God, and my desire for Him is as strong as it is for the thirsty person who, dried out, yearns with deep longings for the refreshing water streams. (9-12-72)

2.182.    When my yearnings for God increase, my thirst dries me out and my caverns hunger for their fill; the veins of my spirit seek the eternal Spring with its inexhaustible waters, in order to be replenished with the flow of the Eternal Fountain and, in His torrential waters, be saturated with the infinite Being. (4-8-70)

2.183.   God alone is the quenching of my thirst and the full relief of my hunger. (18-10-74)


2.184.    Eternity is the infinity of the Being in a Trinitarian act of divine life. (6-8-59)

2.185.    God is infinite capacity and also infinite perfection, a capacity that is encompassed within His selfsame perfection and within His very infinity. (15-9-63)

2.186.    God knows Himself what He is, and encompasses Himself what He knows Himself to be encompassed: this is Eternity. (22-1-65)

2.187.    Eternity is the infinite capacity God is Himself, encompassing Himself in Trinity of Persons. (22-1-65)

2.188.    God is the supreme Being, capable of enclosing in His Wisdom, in His Expression and in His Love His full reality; and that is why in God there has to be one only being in Trinitarian activity, and this is Eternity. (29-11-65)

2.189.    Eternity is the identification of the Being with the Persons in Their eternal act of infinite life. (6-8-59)

2.190.    Eternity is the infinite act of being in Wisdom Known in Love. (31-8-59)

2.191.    God is so perfect, that He Himself is encompassed as regards all that He is, ever-been and ever being so; there existing in God neither past nor future, but just the being that, being Himself so, in its act of perfection, is Himself embracer of His very coeternal reality, which is not encompassed by time. Time is the lack of capacity in order to live the reality of life in one instant. (29-11-65)

2.192.    Eternity is the perfect capacity of encompassment God has, that encloses within itself all the infinite and fulfilled possibility He is, and thus, there remains nothing in it without being encompassed, and so there is no place for the succession of time. (9-1-65)

2.193.    God is the Beginning-less, the Eternal, at an infinite distance from any creature; a distance of being, of plenitude, of majesty, of sovereignty… (15-9-63)

2.194.   The infinite capacity of the Being, lived without time, that is Eternity. (29-11-65)


2.195.    O Eternity! in the secret depth of Your unfathomable silence, the infinite delectable taste of Your substantial Word is perceived in His sonorous explanation of eternal mystery. (18-12-60)

2.196.    Eternity, Eternity…! Where neither night watches nor deathly tortures will exist anymore, where the day will be eternal and without end, in the intimate and familial company of God our Father… (14-1-67)

2.197.    One day we will forever go to Eternity… What sweet hope! Forever… face to face with God in the plenitude of pure love! A dream of love in fullness of conquest…! (8-1-75)

2.198.    Eternity, for the soul who loves and truly seeks God, is the satiety of its love in the complete possession of its Beloved. (11-5-61)

2.199.    When God appears with His infinite light and tells you: Church, come to Me, then, as the one who wakes from a terrible nightmare, you will be able to say: “I am in Eternity, and this is forever!” (14-1-67)

2.200.    Love, on the blissful and happy day of the eternal sunrise in glorious light, how intimately we shall embrace each other! (28-6-61)

2.201.    If the encounter with God fills the soul in the exile up to the very marrow of its being, what will the complete and definitive encounter in the eternal light of the bright day be like? (24-7-70)

2.202.    When night will be over and the eternal day will dawn, then we will be able to say: We are not dreaming, we are in Eternity! (14-1-67)

2.203.    Eternity is the happy encounter with the divine Persons in Their Trinitarian communication. (31-1-67)

2.204.    A day will come on which the night will exist no more, on that day the “In-principium” will fulfil your end; and that will be the day of Eternity. (14-1-67)

2.205.    In Eternity, in order to live of God, we are out of time, we live in a way which is distinct and distant from here, in the eternal dawn of the Sun without shadows, in the Beginning without beginning. In… God forever, forever! (17-4-67)

2.206.    Time is over! The end has come…! God forever looking upon me and being looked upon by me in light: This is Eternity… (14-1-67)

2.207.   Eternity is the never-ending day of delectable and delightful prayer, lived in full light in the company of the Divine Family. (31-1-67)


2.208.    Life is a fast and dizzy race propelled towards the day of tomorrow of Eternity, where Infinite Love awaits us to introduce us in it in order to live in the deep and recondite depth of His being Himself Singing Wisdom of Love, in the infinite light of His eternal splendour. (25-1-75)

2.209.    Tomorrow, no later! with God forever… What sweet encounter…! And “there,” looking upon Him in His Sight, singing Him in His Mouth and loving Him in His Fire… Time is over and the end has come, Eternity has begun…! Face to face with God, adoring the Being in His being and in His persons, for His being who He is and for His way of so being; in an act of pure love that rejoices in God’s essential joy, forever…! And this will be tomorrow! (9-7-75)

2.210.    O, what deep joy that of our hearts when facing the hope of our faith, that overflows with the promise of the day of tomorrow full of Divinity…! And “there,” at that very point-point of the divine begetting, we will contemplate with the Father’s gaze all His infinite perfection, yet without encompassing it, breaking forth with the Word into a song of His infinite perfections… And, from so much contemplating with the Father and from so much breaking with the Word into a song of wisdom, we will burn with the infinite love of the Holy Spirit, forever! Dear soul, tomorrow we will be with God, what joy…! face to face, like this, without anything or anybody being able to take this away from us. (25-1-75)

2.211.    Eternity is not a dream, it is a reality that I will live tomorrow, dwelling in the Trinity. (15-1-67)

2.212.    Tomorrow, no later, with God forever, in the Father’s embrace, in the light of His eyes, in the Word of His mouth and in the kiss of His Love… Tomorrow and forever! (13-2-75)

2.213.    Eternity is tomorrow, and there we will be forever with God, in His light, with the triumphant Church without Her mourning veil, She being raised aloft and upheld by the loving arm of the One who Is, replenished by and enfolded in Divinity. What would then our sorrows of the past be, our apparent failures, the shivering mock of those who oppressed us…? How will truth shine bright then, a truth now hidden by the gloomy cloud that engulfs the Church! (11-3-75)

2.214.    Tomorrow I will be with God forever in Eternity; today I have to suffer His absence. Tomorrow I will have Him as my possession; today I have Him in my desires. O, what a day, the day of tomorrow in Eternity! (7-4-67)

2.215.    Let us have waking dreams today, in the hope, full of love, that faith grants us: Eternity is not a dream, no; it is a romance of love that we will live tomorrow. How sweet is the hope of our faith through love…! (10-11-75)

2.216.    Heaven is not a dream, it is the reality of that tomorrow of mine in bright light and, even if it seems to be far away, it is now! (5-10-66)

2.217.   O beloved Eternity, even if you hide, I know that at last you will come to bring me with you in your light; and, even if now you delay, the day I will get hold of you, no longer I will lose you; and that will be now! Tomorrow, no later! now and forever! (23-1-65)