We are in Rome, under the See of Peter, where Mother Trinidad wanted to live, die and be buried, thus manifesting her mission to be the “Echo” of the Church, to help the Pope and the Bishops carry out the essential mission of the Church.

Mother Trinidad reached the end of her life being “God’s fulfilled will,” “doing all she could” to “make God be content and make others happy.” That God be glorified! This alone is what has mattered and continues to matter for her. This is what she asks of her spiritual offspring, gathered here with the soul-tearing pain caused by physical separation, yet with the peace, joy, gratitude and the wish to follow her in her triumphant march to enlarge the Choir of Glory in Heaven.

We find ourselves in the splendid Basilica of St. Paul, the burial place of this great Apostol, so very much loved by Mother Trinidad, and with whom she feels so greatly identified; be it for the way of receiving “the revelation of the Mystery,” and for being sent forth to manifest it to all men:

“Go and tell it…!”; “this is for everyone…!”

In this Basilica, on a fortunate day of hope for the Holy Mother Church, the 25th of January 1959, the Holy Father St. John XXIII announced to the Universal Church and to the whole world “the divine inspiration” from the Holy Spirit: To convene a Council “for the rejuvenation of the Church”. Parallel to this, that same day and about the same time, the young Mother Trinidad received, while in deep contemplation of the mystery of the Holy Trinity, how “God is the reason for being of all things”. This is how the parallelism between the mission of the Council and Mother Trinidad began.

Ever since then she felt a very tight union with the Pope and with “her beloved Bishops,” as she fondly liked to call them.

We thank the Cardinal Archpriest, His Eminence James Card. Michael Harvey, the personnel working in the Basilica and the Community of Benedictine Monks who, «“ora et labora – by praying and working,” maintain and take care of this most beautiful dwelling place of God; (we thank them for) their welcome and the valuable assistance provided for the realization of this solemn funeral that is so moving for all of us who are here, and for those who shall follow it through the Internet.

We are going to celebrate the Holy Eucharist that will be presided over by His Grace Monsignor Cesare Nosiglia, Archbishop of Turin. It has now been many years since he first visited Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia -at the time he was a young Axillary Bishop of Pope St. John Paul II for the diocese of Rome-. Since then ‒as he himself has given testimony on various occasions‒ he has felt a great spiritual identification with her, which repeats itself every time that he receives some of her writings.

Surely Mother Trinidad is rejoicing in the fact that one of the Twelve, one of the Successors of the Apostles, is celebrating her solemn funeral in Rome, and in a special way that it be His Grace Mons. Cesare Nosiglia.

During the celebration, we are going to sing the Mass called “Mass of The Work of the Church,” that was composed for the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Consecration to God of Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia, an event which we celebrated in Dos Hermanas (Seville) in the Parish Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, where Mother Trinidad ‒on December 8th 1946‒ expressed with all the strength of her juvenile loving passion, her “God alone!” which she has continuously repeated throughout all of her life, with the well-known phrase: “I will be yours, only yours, and forever…!”

“All is accomplished” (Jn 19: 28), is what we can say today as we celebrate the day of her “eternal vows”. That “forever” is what we celebrate now for the glory of God and the sanctification of those souls who are children and fruit of her spiritual motherhood.

Let us live intensely, profoundly united to Mother Trinidad, the mystery of the Church, whose summit we are going to celebrate in the Sacrifice of Christ, to give Glory to God and life to souls.

Rome, Basilica of St. Paul Outside The Walls, August 1st, 2021