Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

2.195. O Eternity! in the secret depth of Your unfathomable silence, the infinite delectable taste of Your substantial Word is perceived in His sonorous explanation of eternal mystery. (18-12-60)

2.196. Eternity, Eternity…! Where neither night watches nor deathly tortures will exist anymore, where the day will be eternal and without end, in the intimate and familial company of God our Father… (14-1-67)

2.197. One day we will forever go to Eternity… What sweet hope! Forever… face to face with God in the plenitude of pure love! A dream of love in fullness of conquest…! (8-1-75)

2.198. Eternity, for the soul who loves and truly seeks God, is the satiety of its love in the complete possession of its Beloved. (11-5-61)

2.199. When God appears with His infinite light and tells you: Church, come to Me, then, as the one who wakes from a terrible nightmare, you will be able to say: “I am in Eternity, and this is forever!” (14-1-67)

2.200. Love, on the blissful and happy day of the eternal sunrise in glorious light, how intimately we shall embrace each other! (28-6-61)

2.201. If the encounter with God fills the soul in the exile up to the very marrow of its being, what will the complete and definitive encounter in the eternal light of the bright day be like? (24-7-70)

2.202. When night will be over and the eternal day will dawn, then we will be able to say: We are not dreaming, we are in Eternity! (14-1-67)

2.203. Eternity is the happy encounter with the divine Persons in Their Trinitarian communication. (31-1-67)

2.204. A day will come on which the night will exist no more, on that day the “In-principium” will fulfil your end; and that will be the day of Eternity. (14-1-67)

2.205. In Eternity, in order to live of God, we are out of time, we live in a way which is distinct and distant from here, in the eternal dawn of the Sun without shadows, in the Beginning without beginning. In… God forever, forever! (17-4-67)

2.206. Time is over! The end has come…! God forever looking upon me and being looked upon by me in light: This is Eternity… (14-1-67)

2.207. Eternity is the never-ending day of delectable and delightful prayer, lived in full light in the company of the Divine Family. (31-1-67)

2.208. Life is a fast and dizzy race propelled towards the day of tomorrow of Eternity, where Infinite Love awaits us to introduce us in it in order to live in the deep and recondite depth of His being Himself Singing Wisdom of Love, in the infinite light of His eternal splendour. (25-1-75)

2.209. Tomorrow, no later! with God forever… What sweet encounter…! And “there,” looking upon Him in His Sight, singing Him in His Mouth and loving Him in His Fire… Time is over and the end has come, Eternity has begun…! Face to face with God, adoring the Being in His being and in His persons, for His being who He is and for His way of so being; in an act of pure love that rejoices in God’s essential joy, forever…! And this will be tomorrow! (9-7-75)

2.210. O, what deep joy that of our hearts when facing the hope of our faith, that overflows with the promise of the day of tomorrow full of Divinity…! And “there,” at that very point-point of the divine begetting, we will contemplate with the Father’s gaze all His infinite perfection, yet without encompassing it, breaking forth with the Word into a song of His infinite perfections… And, from so much contemplating with the Father and from so much breaking with the Word into a song of wisdom, we will burn with the infinite love of the Holy Spirit, forever! Dear soul, tomorrow we will be with God, what joy…! face to face, like this, without anything or anybody being able to take this away from us. (25-1-75)

2.211. Eternity is not a dream, it is a reality that I will live tomorrow, dwelling in the Trinity. (15-1-67)

2.212. Tomorrow, no later, with God forever, in the Father’s embrace, in the light of His eyes, in the Word of His mouth and in the kiss of His Love… Tomorrow and forever! (13-2-75)

2.213. Eternity is tomorrow, and there we will be forever with God, in His light, with the triumphant Church without Her mourning veil, She being raised aloft and upheld by the loving arm of the One who Is, replenished by and enfolded in Divinity. What would then our sorrows of the past be, our apparent failures, the shivering mock of those who oppressed us…? How will truth shine bright then, a truth now hidden by the gloomy cloud that engulfs the Church! (11-3-75)

2.214. Tomorrow I will be with God forever in Eternity; today I have to suffer His absence. Tomorrow I will have Him as my possession; today I have Him in my desires. O, what a day, the day of tomorrow in Eternity! (7-4-67)

2.215. Let us have waking dreams today, in the hope, full of love, that faith grants us: Eternity is not a dream, no; it is a romance of love that we will live tomorrow. How sweet is the hope of our faith through love…! (10-11-75)

2.216. Heaven is not a dream, it is the reality of that tomorrow of mine in bright light and, even if it seems to be far away, it is now! (5-10-66)

2.217. O beloved Eternity, even if you hide, I know that at last you will come to bring me with you in your light; and, even if now you delay, the day I will get hold of you, no longer I will lose you; and that will be now! Tomorrow, no later! now and forever! (23-1-65)

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia