19 12, 2022


Mystery of Christmas…! Secret of infinite ten­derness…!: In the silence of night and of in­comprehension, under the vibrant notes of the Holy Spirit, and in the tearing of the mother­hood of Mary, in a manger the Love was re­vealed to us…!! Silence, dear soul…! Respect and veneration! Adore…! With the Angels of God, respond with love…! Because God, become Child, any mi­nute now is going to burst into tears for the first time on earth torn apart by solitude and incomprehension…

15 12, 2022


Oh human nature of Jesus...! The Word of Life has been so intimately and closely united to you, and you to Him, in an adaptation as though infinite, that his most imperceptible vibrations reverberate in you; as it is your life and not being able to be other than that of the very most high God himself, since you have united yourself hypostatically with God in the Person of the Word.

3 12, 2022


«Mary’s Advent...! Mother...! You had the Word of Life in your bosom for You, for You to love Him and for Him to love You. You lived happily in that intimacy and communication with the infinite Word in your innermost being. But, participating in the divine will, oblivious of yourself, You burned in terrible longings for that Word, who had “jumped” from the Father’s bosom to your bosom, to “jump” from your bosom to men in order to give Him to us as a Host that, offered by You to the Father, might be our salvation and sanctification.»

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